Monday, July 25, 2016

Catch up time

February was a great month. Of course I can say that as it's my birthday. 
But, it's also Super Bowl where we totally eat unhealthy foods.  Plus, Garry had to have his first Colonoscopy.  He did not like to drink that horrible stuff.  I took him and dropped him off and then he texted me when he was done.  He was supposed to have it at like 11am but didn't even get taken back until almost 3.  I was so glad we opted for the drop off and pick up rather than having me stay.  But all was well.
We made a quick apperance to the annual sweetheart ball.  It was a Victorian theme and we were encouraged to dress up.  Of course we LOVE to do that so that was fun. 
I needed a hair trim and I didn't want to go to a salon and pay someone, so I let Cynjyn do it.  I think she did a great job and it will help with the growing out the grey process. 

The toilet in our downstairs bathroom has always given us problems.  It plugs at the slightest thing.  It was getting so bad that it would plug daily!  We bought a super duper toilet that can flush something like 20 golf balls at the same time without clogging and Garry installed it.

Taz got acceptance letters to UNLV and BYU.  And I can officially say that he is going to BYU since I'm doing this update in July!  It was totally his choice!

I helped out at a YW night where they sewed PP bags.  Here is Cynjyn with her finished one and the other girls.  This night prompted us to buy a new sewing machine as it was a frustrating night with our ancient machine.

Cynjyn was a major helper in YW New Beginnings.  The theme was Alice in Wonderland and she had to make a keyhole for the door and other decorations and write the skit.  We used decorations from Krissy's baby shower that I still had so that was a big help.
Her and Emma did such a cute job on the skit. 
They had a photo booth set up too and so I took advantage of that with my friends Jen and Linda.

After our big 50th birthday bash last year, we decided to do a staycation this year.  We went up to Freemont street because the entertainment is free and we had been wanting to try deep fired Oreo's and Twinkies forever!  The whole "experience" did not disappoint.  We did not like the Twinkies, but enjoyed the Oreos. 

We came back after being gone a few days and got the kids.  We took them to dinner with us at Claim Jumper because I had a free bday dinner.  It was fun.  Them we took them back to Freemont Street because we had seen a band called Alter Ego perform.  They were an 80's cover band and to top it off a metal hairband cover band.  We loved them and wanted the kids to see them.

We made them try the deep fried stuff
And they all loved the band and could sing along with most of their songs.

February was great!

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