Monday, July 25, 2016

Stake Activity Day Camp-March 2016

I was once again in charge of Stake Activity Day Camp. We started our meetings in January and picked out a cute theme of Wizard of Oz, There's No Place Like Home.  I was in charge of getting the speaker so I immediately thought of a lady in our ward and she had a daughter graduating this year.  I thought the two of them speaking would be perfect for the girls showing that a mother was teaching her daughter to prepare for her own earthly home and going back to her heavenly home.  It was all set.  Then the week before the big day, her nephew died and the funeral was the Saturday of the camp.  I just felt that a week was not enough notice to give another speaker, so I decided to do it myself.  I brainstormed and thought of doing some sort of skit.  I found a talk that was perfect for it and went right along with the Wizard of Oz theme.  I enlisted the help of Toni (stake Primary President) and Shawna (second counselor), but April (secretary) had to work, so I asked Natalie Carter to help me out.  I just felt she would nail the "acting" part of it as the cowardly lion and boy did she...she stole the show and the girls loved her!  Cynjyn helped make my Glinda costume. 
I made posters to use as props along our way.
Another ward was in charge of decorations and they did a cute job.

I did the stage for our skit. 
These were the handouts I made for each of the girls. 
Another ward was in charge of publicity and I thought the posters were so cute!
The ward that did the luncheon part attached a temple magnate to the silverware pack.
The food was cute too and
the rainbow fruit and ruby slipper cookies were so cute. 

I was so grateful to these women for helping me out at the last minute!  They were simply awesome and I am so glad to know them!!

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