Sunday, July 31, 2016

April Little Things

I made a poster for Taz to ask Lyric to prom with. It was the star one. I got his approval before starting.
I bought and put this flower mix in my outside pot.  It was so pretty.  Too bad I don't have much luck in this pot and the prettiness only lasted a few weeks.
Garry started having a lot of problems with his Civic.  It is a 1994 car and we were/are determined to drive it to the ground.  But he thinks he solved the problem and bought and changed out the radiator.
I enjoyed a beautiful evening outside and Bentley joined me.  He isn't very good at taking selfies with me.
We had ribs for Easter and gave Bentley a bone to work on.  He loved it, but about two months later, I found the bone hidden in my bedroom!!
We made it a family affair plus Lyric to go see Batman Vs. Superman.  Garry and Cynjyn wore appropriate shirts for the event. 
Talon and Mikel almost hubby and wife.
Our semi annual coin rolling during conference.
FHE treats (chocolate covered strawberries) and movie treats (goldfish).  We have kind of started a tradition of watching a movie together on Sunday nights.
The poster for prom invite and set up at Lyric's house.
Taz having to get shots for his mission physical
plus having bloodwork to make sure he's healthy almost did him in!!  He does not like that bloodwork, but he survived and is healthy enough to serve.
Cynjyn got a text from Amelia around 10:30 pm that said a house in our neighborhood looked like it was on fire. Garry, Cynj and I went to investigate and sure enough it was.  There were about 8 fire trucks trying to contain it and we along with a slew of neighbors watched them at work.  It was pretty scary and so weird.  I feel so bad for the owners of the house yet so grateful that it didn't hurt anyone around it and no one was home and got hurt. 

I took Norma and Cynjyn to Town Square so Norma could buy some makeup.  They are so cute.
Garry has been wanting to try the 3x3 at In and Out for awhile now.  He finally got his wish and loved every bite.
Cynjyn went on her 4th year overnighter.  She was very mad at me for making her go because she was missing Ethan Hopkin's wedding, but she went...just her and Amelia from our ward.  They were supposed to pass off astrology, but it was a cloudy overcast night and they couldn't see any stars.
We had some crazy windy weather and our grapevine blew completely down and into the Jacuzzi.
I did a lot of prep for the reception.  Here I am staining crates.
Taz and Tanner's wedding shoes came in and they along with Garry bought matching suits to wear to the reception.

I loved wearing my new hair pin from China town. 

Cynjyn got her dance team stuff and did a little fashion show for us.
FHE out by the fire pit making S'Mores.
Cynjyn got her nails done for the wedding.
Taz made prom court along with two of his best friends..Lawson and Andrew.  Taz was not a happy wearer of the sash and was super glad Andrew won. 

The court had to do a little relay at the prom assembly and of course Taz and his partner Katie Lee won.

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