Sunday, July 24, 2016

Reception at church

Talon and Mikel were a little late so we didn't get a ton of photos.  They had forgotten the cake topper and so the family coming couldn't find it.  They almost had to leave, but ended up staying.  So we got a few photos. 

It was a hard spot to take the photo because the tables were in the way, so this is the only family photo we got. 

Mom and her two sons. Rob, Mom, Randy
Ella, Mikel, Talon, Randy Traci Waite
Krissy, Annalyn, Mikel, Talon and Brian Terry
Dad, Mikel, Talon and Mom
Kylene, Beckham, Mikel, Talon, Kresimir Thurston
All the cousins plus Jett, Mikel's brother...Jett, Annalyn, Kresimir, Taz, Cynjyn, Beckham, Mikel, Talon, Ella, Trey and Tanner.  Trampis was the only cousin missing.

Elder Farr came from Logan.  He was the elder responsible for teaching Mikel the gospel and was a permanent Sunday fixture at our house for a few months.  It was so good to see him and we were so grateful he came all that way.  He was with us at the temple too.

Talon and Carmen-his new grandma.
The bride and groom

Ryan and Andrew were a big help setting up and helping Taz pick out a playlist for the night.

A visit with the Shafers

The DJ's
Trey enjoying the candy bar
Me and Tucker...still is weird to call him that.
Grandma and Tanner enjoying the candy bar.
Me, Toni, Lindsey
Tanner and Madeline dancing
Ky and Talon
Garry made the base for her cake off a picture she had pinned.  She chose the saying from Ruth in the bible

 The cake topper was found and the cake was shared.

Parent and bride and groom

 Ky and Annalyn
 me and my mom
 Us girls

Grandpa and Talon

The teenagers had fun decorating the get away car

 And the sendoff for the happy couple!

A beautiful ending to a beautiful week.

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