Wednesday, July 27, 2016

March Little Things

I've decided to call my catch up posts "Little Things" These are just the little ordinary events that happened that particular month that I want to remember.

Taz had his two favorites for dinner one night, pizza and vanilla ice cream with raspberries.  He had a bite in each hand and was alternating...Cynjyn and I were cracking up over it all.

 A beautiful reminder of a beautiful friendship.  Toni gave this to me last year for my birthday and it was blooming this year and immediately put a smile on my face.
Cynjyn's a book cover for a book she had to read for outside reading in English.
She was the first one to learn on that new sewing machine we got resulting from our night at YW in February.
Garry drained and cleaned the pool in preparation for converting it to salt water.  Cynjyn is trying to get Bentley to come into the pool with her.
He is having nothing to do with it.
Garry cleaning
and converting.

The final touch was adding the salt.
I had to sub in Cynjyn's Sunday School class and I enlisted her and Becca to help me with the attention grabber opening which was solving puzzles.  They sent a good chunk of the day helping out. 

 Becca spent the night and went to church with us the next day and did Cynjyn's hair because I certainly can't do that fancy stuff. 
 Bentley and Tanner having a show down at the dinner table.  We were all wondering how he got up there because he just suddenly appeared by Tanner.
 Mikel was doing some sanding off of an ebony stain and came in with a dirty face.
 Taz and Cynjyn ready for church because they are just so darn cute.
 Stake Relief Society Birthday Dinner with Joann and Sheila.
 Tanner, hot and tire after a long day at work..found him with cooling rags and on the tile to cool off.
 A lot of volleyball this month
 Taz and Lawson making an epic bacon weave for Young Men's.
 We bought Taz's saxophone section basket at the band silent auction.  Taz was mad because he said if he knew we were going to bid on it he would have put better movies in it. 
 Taz just randomly telling me about his day chillaxing on the couch while doing so.
 Cynjyn and I getting shamrock shakes for St. Patrick's day.  We went to Jack in the Box and ordered them and they had no idea what I was talking about...oops...wrong place, so we scurried off to Mc Donalds and got them.
 Then we had Shepherd's Pie and asparagus for St. P dinner.
 Cynjyn tried out and made varsity dance team...only 2 freshman made it...over 60 girls tried out...they only took 19 for the team...she/we were pretty proud and excited for her.  She's wanted to be on SHS dance team since like 2nd grade.
 I made Talon and Mikel's wedding announcements for the reception.
 Cynjyn, Becca and Norma hanging out and going to dinner.
 Taz and Lyric got fill any size bucket slurpees at 7-11 before rock climbing one day and Taz texted me this photo knowing I'd want a photo of it.
 Me, Cynjyn and Garry went to 10 Cloverfield Lane.
 Taz had a great group of friends that supported him at his volleyball games.  Elizabeth was the yearbook photo taker, so Taz got featured on the volleyball page!

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