Sunday, October 19, 2008

Any Given Saturday

Saturday's at the Goon house are full of friends. It seems like everyone gravitates here. At one point yesterday Garry and I were definatly outnumbered. This was who was here at our house for most of the day: Becca Hopkins was here at 10:00 and stayed until 10:00 pm. Sean and Lawson Borla were here at 1:00 pm and Sean left at 7:30 for his soccer game while Lawson stayed until 9:15 when they came and got him after the soccer game. Jayden Bailey was here for about an hour from 4:30-5:30. Cora and Ethan Hopkins and Karlee Kennedy were here from around 4-6, went home while we had dinner and came back a half an hour later and stayed until 9:45 pm watching Clue. Hunter Witt came at 7:00 and stayed until 10:00 ish when his mom came to get them. Talon and Tiffany were here from 5;00 on when Tiff got off of work. She left at 8:30 because she just got a dog and had to go home to take care of it, so Talon was a little put out that she left so early, but survived by drowning his sorrows in his new Star Wars video game. Garry, Tanner and I played games during the afternoon while people played with Legos and swam and then most of the boys played video games and swam and watched that movie. It was a fun day for our kids and I'm glad they have such good friends who enjoy hanging out here in our crowded little house.


Chris and Audra said...

How fun! Chris and I always talk about how we hope our kids will want to have their friends at our house!

kc and k said...

Must you torture us! We want to come too!

gwen said...

this is a fun time in life--I'm glad you help them enjoy it!!