Thursday, October 16, 2008

I've been tagged...

PHS class of 1983:

DID YOU DATE SOMEONE FROM HIGH SCHOOL? Yes, Garry and I started dating our Jr. year, we "met" our sophomore year when we were both working at Taco Bell.

WHAT KIND OF CAR DID YOU DRIVE? A 1974 Chevy NOVA, yes you read that right! I came from a family who drove only HONDAS, but I got the ugly white NOVA with blue interior and an 8 track player!

WHAT WAS YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT IN HIGH SCHOOL? One weekend, I gave Garry a ginormas hickey on his neck and the next Monday at school, my chemistry teacher teased me mercilessly, not only that day, but for MONTHS afterword!

WERE YOU A PARTY ANIMAL? Heck no! As a matter of fact, my best friend smoked and drank and took me to a "party" one time. When we got there, she announced to the whole room that I was a good mormon girl and forbid anyone to even think of offering me a drink or anything else!


WERE YOU IN BAND, ORCHESTRA, OR CHOIR? I was a band geek through and through. I started playing clarinet in 5th grade and when I got to high school, I was first chair clarinet in the concert band, I even played a solo my Sr. year. I played the Tenor saxophone in the marching band and the jazz band!

WERE YOU A NERD? I wasn't a nerd, I was just an average girl, defiantly not popular, but not a nerd either.

WERE YOU ON ANY VARSITY TEAMS? No, I played volleyball in high school, but I quit at the end of my sophomore year because i wanted to go to Mexico the next summer with the Spanish club, so I had to either continue in sports, or get a job!

DID YOU EVER GET SUSPENDED OR EXPELLED? No, no, no. I was a good girl.

CAN YOU SING THE FIGHT SONG? Nope, I don't remember it, but I can sing the BYU fight song, and since both of my sisters were cheerleaders, I'm sure I can call on them if ever I should need to regurgitate it.

WHO WERE YOUR FAVORITE TEACHERS? I can't remember names! I know I hated Mr. Shulz! I guess, my band teacher, Mr. Herbig was my favorite he was a quirky little man with a drinking problem!

WHERE DID YOU SIT DURING LUNCH? With Garry, Pat and Ben on a bench somewhere or in our class hall.

SCHOOL MASCOT? Pendleton High School Buckaroos...Go bucks!!

DID YOU GO TO THE HOMECOMING? WITH WHO? I never went to a homecoming dance, why waste money on that, I was never going to be on the court!

IF YOU COULD GO BACK AND DO IT ALL AGAIN, WOULD YOU? heck no, once was more than enough!

WHERE DID YOU GO ON SR. SKIP DAY? I seriously can't remember, but our favorite place to go when we did skip school was the local donut shop, Up with Donuts!

WERE YOU IN ANY CLUBS? Nope, no clubs. I marched to my own drum! I wore a dress almost every day my Sr. year just because I wanted to be different than everyone else. Blue jeans had just become popular, and everyone was wearing them, but I didn't want to be everyone, I wanted to be different! If there was such a thing as "goths" back then, that's what I would have been! I guess I was also in a video game club, because Garry and I and his friends Pat and Ben spent HOURS at the arcade playing Ms. Pacman, Galaga and Donkey Kong. Garry and I could make a quarter in the Ms. Pacman machine last at least two hours switching off playing every other level! I was also a reluctant member of the D & D club because Garry, Ben and Pat played it every weekend, all weekend!!!!


WHO WAS YOUR PROM DATE? I went with Garry my Jr. year and I had my cousin come down from Washington State come down and go with his best friend Pat. I went with Garry my Sr. year too, but we went just by ourselves because Pat had a girlfriend by then.

WHAT CLIQUES WERE YOU IN? See the above mentioned band paragraph and club paragraph!

O.K. I tag Mom, Ky, Kris (you really should start your own blog now that you're planning a wedding, but you can do this on moms), Donna and Heather and anyone else who reads this, especially if you're a relative!!


gwen said...

I am considering starting a blog now, but it might have to wait until after I'm married. I still have dial-up but Brian has high speed wireless internet so I will inherit good internet service when I am married!

Just Too Swift said...

I loved it! Sucking on Garry's neck, huh! I'm shocked! :o)

gwen said...

This was fun--and I learned some things about my "perfect child" I didn't know before! You were a good kid, and I think had a lot of fun in HS