Friday, January 9, 2009

The final project

Tanner finished his project that we started on NYEve for geography. It was a shield representing his ancestry and current life. He put a dragon on because that is a symbol of China which is where his Grandfather on Garry's side is from. He put Big Ben on to represent his ancestors on my side. The bull represents his great grandfather and grandfather as cow farmers. The math symbols represent intelligence, and people who are good at math and teachers on both sides of his family. The music notes and volleyball represent his interests now in life. He had to put a "motto" on the shield, so he chose "Do it the Goon way!" which is something we always say to our kids. Which means do it creatively and with your best effort, don't take the easy way out!! We thought it turned out really good and he took it in a day early and his teacher showed it to the class as an example of an excellent shield. (She also had an example of a bad shield). The class had to "present" their shield in front of the class and explain it. Tanner said about 4 kids went then someone asked the teacher if Tanner could go and Tanner declined, so the class started chanting: "Tanner, Tanner!" So he finally relented and presented his shield!


gwen said...

I love it! The dragon is adorable! Good job, Tanner--that about says it all

Krissy said...

That's pretty cool Tanner!

Carol said...

I like the "Do it the Goon way" motto! That is so cool. Nice final project, Tanner!