Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm back...

...did you miss me?? Where have I been, you say?? Well, let me explain... My baby sister Krissy is engaged. She is getting married March 20th. She DID NOT want a bridal shower. She has been on her own for several years, has her own house and felt like she didn't need much shower wise. Plus, she HATES to be the center of attention. Well, my other sister Ky and I wanted to give her a shower, but very lowkey one. It would be more of a sisters weekend with a shower thrown in. We decided to have it in Boise, where she will be living. We decided to just invite her sisters and sisters in law and mostly have it to meet Brian's family. My sister and I hadn't really met them yet. She didn't want her out of town relatives to have to risk traveling in bad weather, so we kept it really low-key. Cynjyn and I flew in Thursday afternoon and we had the shower on Saturday. It only lasted about an hour and a half, but it was a fun filled weekend. The above picture is Krissy the bride to be under our single wall decoration.
We got three balloon bouquets, one for outside to show the way and two for indoors. Krissy's colors for her wedding are black, white, and red, so we were able to find a lot of cute color themed decorations this time of year because Valentine stuff was in all the stores.

Here are me, Krissy, Ky and my mom! Ky did a great job sending out invites and having a vision even though she is 7 months pregnant and HATES being pregnant.

This is the table. We just had desserts, with cheesecake being the main dessert. Krissy has always dreamed of serving cheesecake at her wedding because she loves it so. Well, Brian hates cheesecake, so they decided to go for wedding cake. So we indulged Krissy with cheesecake for the shower. We got red velvet cake too because it matched. We had a white cake in the back already cut and some cream puffs, nuts and hugs and kisses.

I thought the table turned out really cute.

We had requested "entertainment" of "food storage" gifts because she doesn't need the typical house hold items. So, here she is with her stash.

This is Krissy with her wedding party. Kylee is Brian's niece and she is going to be a "flower girl" at the reception (they're getting married in the Boise temple), then there's Krissy, Cynjyn and Ella (her nieces) are the bridesmaids. Ella is holding Brian's other niece Ella, she is not in the bridal party, but Ella wouldn't give her up.

Here I am with my sister in laws. I hardly ever take a picture with just them, so I thought this was a good opportunity. They both came a long way too to support Krissy and it was nice seeing them. Jodi, Darla and me.

After the shower, my mom took us to Mexican dinner. Jodi and my brother Rob went to a movie, but we took their son Trey with us. So here's the line-up, starting with the baby and going clockwise: Kresimir (Ky's son), Cynjyn, Ella and her mom Darla, Krissy and her fiance Brian, Trey, me, my mom, Clay (Ky's husband) and Ky. I'll post some more non shower pictures later. Cynjyn and I flew back to Vegas Sunday afternoon. We had a great time and wished it could last longer and that we lived closer!!


Carol said...

I did miss you! I was starting to worry and was going to do a blog post to see if anyone knew where you were. :o) Reality--I noticed you weren't blogging (thus, I missed you), but figured you were just busy being a mom. Looks like a fun party with yummy foods. Sisters can be so fun to hang around with!

Chris and Audra said...

What fun!! Good for you and Ky to have a shower for Krissy--she deserves all the attention and gifts! We're so excited for her!

gwen said...

It was a fun weekend, and I loved seeing everyone having a good time! It's always fun when Kim and one or all of her kids come home! Just wish the whole family could have come!

Krissy said...

It was a wonderful get-together. Thanks again for coming all that way just for little old me :)! I enjoyed seeing you guys--even if it was only for a few days.

The Schauers Family said...

Congrats to Krissy! I have a neice getting married March 6th that we are going to Manti for the sealing. Love the theme for the "unshower".