Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some other fun things we did in Boise

Cynjyn and Kres loved playing at Brian's house. His sister Alisa, had a collection of Polly Pockets that was fun for them.

Kres found a Hannah Montana wig and went around saying "rock on"!

Cynjyn and Ella confiscated the balloon bouquets and sat up in the tree outside mom and dad's condo for about an hour.

Cynjyn made a congratulations sign for Brian and Krissy.It snowed while we were there almost everyday. It didn't stick until Sunday though.It snowed Saturday night. After church Sunday, Cynj and Kres went outside at Brian's house and made a snowman.

Just beginning...

Kres kept coming in and asking Alisa for decorations for the snowman. He came in the first time and said, "We need a nose." So Alisa got him a nose (carrot). He came in a few minutes later and said "we need another nose." Alisa asked him what happened to the first one and he said: "I ate it!" Luckily, Alisa was very accomadating and furnished them with everything they needed for the snowman.


kc and k said...

Come back!!! Today has been the first time since you guys left that he hasn't asked a million times where you are or that he wants cynjy, but it's only 8am!

gwen said...

Kres loves ALL of his cousins and they love him! HE SUFFERS REAL PAINS WHEN EVERYONE LEAVES!! I share his pain!

Krissy said...

By the way, the snowman is still alive and up in Brian's backyard! The arms have broken and the face has melted, but it is still there!