Friday, January 30, 2009

Look what the boys did while we were away

They've been wanting to go snowboarding ever since Talon got one for Christmas. Garry decided that would be a fun thing for them to do while we were in Boise.Tanner borrowed Talon's snowboard because he had to work. Taz borrowed Tiffany's boots and rented his gear. Garry just took pictures. (As he says, "Old bones break and don't heal so well!")
They stayed on the bunny slope all day and never ventured farther, but they say they're ready to next time they go. Taz said it was really expensive because the cheeseburgers were $7.00 each!! (Not the fact that he had to buy a new coat, and rent the gear, and pay for the tickets...)
Fun for them!


Carol said...

Looks like fun! But, I'm with Garry on the old bones thing. :o)

kc and k said...

Nice pictures. Mine would all look like the 3rd one down! I'm not gifted in the "boarding" (wake, skate, etc. although I've never tried the snow.)

I'm so proud of Garry for the picture taking--As Tanner would say, "every good blogger would have a camera ready at any moment." Or something like that!

Krissy said...

Good job boys! I'm glad they were cautious and stuck to the bunny hill! Safety first :)

gwen said...

I skied every weekend for 3 years and only went on Bunny and Case--(Case is just a wee bit steeper than Bunny)! I felt safe and had fun! But, the boys are far more adventuresome than I was--they'll be speeding down the steepest hill before you know it! By the way, young bones break, too!