Saturday, February 28, 2009


Our cabin was quite "cozy". It was on deck 7 and it slept 5. It had a little vanity table, a closet, a bathroom and a place to hang our suits. It was an interior cabin, so we didn't have a view of the ocean, but rather a "fake" window sill and a TV. It had two fold down bunks that the steward would come and pull down each night while we were out and about. The above pic is Cynjyn on Tanner's bed.
Taz is showing off where he and Cynjyn slept every other night. The bunk above the master bed.

Below Tanner, you can see the "pull out bed" that stayed under the master bed until bedtime and the steward would come and pull it out and make it. It was rather short and Tanner was too tall for it, so that is why Taz and Cynjyn took turns every other night on the other bunk!

Here is the view as you walk in our door. Just to my left is the bathroom and to my right is the closet. You can see the vanity and the master bed and bunk, and Tanner leaning over from his bunk to be in the picture: Home, sweet, home!

As I said previously, everynight when we left for dinner the steward, Pambudi, would come in and make up our room. Every night, he'd leave a "towel creature" for us and a schedule for the next day and mints. He'd have our beds all turned down and ready for us. Here is the dog he made the first night.

The second night, we got a gorilla.

The third night, a dinosaur

And the last night a scorpian with a pair of Taz's sunglasses he'd found on the vanity. The kids loved seeing which creature we'd be blessed with each night! It was fun.


gwen said...

I can see why the kids loved hat Pam--guy! And why he probably loved them, too. Kind of crowded, but how much room do you need to sleep?

kc and k said...

Not bad. The bunk beds look fun for the kids.

Ron said...

Looks like some really close, cozy quarters... not sure I could do this, but then I'm old, need my quiet and elbow room! Looks like you all enjoyed it, though. So glad for you. Memories that will last a life time.

Melanie said...

So, obviously I read the other post before this one! :) I'm glad you all got the cool towel animals, too!