Saturday, February 28, 2009

Brace yourself: Cruise Part 2

As I said previously, we left San Diego Sunday at 5:30 pm. We were supposed to arrive in Catalina Monday morning and be there until 5:00pm. We got a call over the intercom early Monday morning saying that the weather was so bad in Catalina that the Captain decided to skip the stop there (It was too dangerous to anchor there and take the tenders onto the island). So he was just going to head south and find better weather. So this was to be our "day at sea" (that was supposed to happen Wednesday). Things only went downhill from there. Taz, Cynjyn and I decided to go out and see what the weather was really like. We went up to Deck 10 (The outside one) and this is what we saw and felt. The waves were wicked (Above) and the rain was pouring (Below). It was windy, cold and that ship was a rockin! I immediatly started feeling sick. I had a patch behind my ear that had served me well until now. We went to breakfast and I couldn't eat. People were stumbling (You couldn't walk straight because the boat was rocking). One lady, at breakfast even fell down with a tray full of food. Taz and Cynj went to club kids carnival and I was standing by the pool (the middle of the ship where you could feel less rocking) freezing and feeling so sick, so Garry said he'd go back to the room and get my jacket. He did and I was standing there for quite awhile. Finally GArry and Tanner went to the card room to play cards. I went to the dining hall and got a glass of water and went back out by the pool and was trying to take little sips and feel better. I could feel that I was going to throw up, so I was trying to make it to the bathroom (just to the left of the above picture), but i didn't make it and threw up a little past where Taz is standing!! I then made my way down to the room and collapsed on the bed and tried to sleep. I mangaged to sleep most of the day. About 2:00, we finally got to clearer water and Garry and the kids brought me a bunch of crackers to eat. I started feeling a little better. Garry said that people were getting sick right and left and three different people threw up right next to him at three different times. There were little white barf bags all over the ship!!
Finally, when things started calming down, I felt fine the rest of the cruise. Tanner had to take a sea sick pill that day and so did Taz. Garry and Cynjyn did o.k. without one. Garry, Tanner and I played cards a lot on the ship. Here we are in the above picture in the show lounge just hangin and playing Nerts.

Taz and Cynj loved to ride the glass elevator. Tanner would usually take the stairs and "race" us up or down to see who could get to which floor next. Here we are in the elevator!


Carol said...

I THINK it looks sorta-kinda fun. The room looks a little too closed in for me and the throwing-up part makes me think I'll avoid a cruise. Just kidding--looks like you guys had so much fun (other than the throwing up/seasick stuff.

gwen said...

Sounds like no fun at all! You can play cards on a swanky hotel beach someplace that doesn't ROCK!

kc and k said...

WOW! Can you even imagine me being on the rocking ship the first night!!! I can't keep things down on a regular car-ride vacation! A swanky hotel beach sounds better and better!

I'm glad you mostly had fun and finally answered my question:) That will make for good memories!

Krissy said...

I would have been sick just from the claustraphobic rooms myself! Bravo to you for only being sick one day! Especially knowing how much you love oceans?