Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's 2:00 and I haven't showered!

Last week, Garry made a comment that kind of hurt my feelings. He said he figured out who the mess maker was in our family...ME!! I was very annoyed with him because he should just see what the house looks like when he's not home. At least I get it all picked up before he comes home from work (well, most days I do). Anyway, it's Tuesday and it's 2:00 pm and I am heading to the shower when I take a look around me to see what I have to do before 3:30 (piano lessons start then). It occured to me that I am the mess maker, (but I am also the mess cleanerupper(like my made up word!!)).

Evidence #1: I mix my cereal in the morning and I don't put away the boxes right away (Garry would). The kids also had cereal and left their boxes on the counter (which I will put away by 3:30, but HE will never know!)
Evidence #2: Scriptures left on the table and the kids and I read our scriptures while we were eating the cereal (which the boxes are still not put away). Preschool prep which I was out buying this morning and then cutting for preschool tomorrow (which is why I haven't showered yet!). Also bought candy so the kids can start making their Valentines for their classmates! (will be cleaned up by 3:30 which HE will never know about!)

Evidence #3: Made candy bags for my Visiting teachies and Taz and Cynjyn's teachers (bought supplies this morning which is why I haven't showered yet, did I already mention that?!) Also made a quick preschool craft and haven't put the junk away yet! (will be done by 3:30 and HE'LL never know!)

Bought some swimsuits for Garry, Tanner and I today (for our cruise we're going on next week) and put them in my preschool basket which is still sitting on the couch from yesterday after preschool. (I will put them away by 3:30 and HE'LL never know except the basket's been there overnight, and killed two birds with one stone because I can carry two messes into the bedroom at once, aren't I a good thinker aheader (like my made up word!)).
So, needless to say...I'm now on my way to take that showere...unless Carol's updated in the last 20 minutes, then of course I'll have to check her blog first...


Carol said...

Okay, this post got a "laugh out loud" response! People at work are looking at me in a strange way--oh wait, they always look at me that way! :o) I don't know how you even have time to shower after prepping for preschool, church stuff, wifery stuff (I made that one up--just following your example) and all the mom things you do. Stay-at-home moms deserve more recognition, but alas and alack, that will never happen. So, I'm heading back to my blog to post something for you. Check it later, when you're not cleaning up after everyone. :o) A cruise? WOW!

gwen said...

I love this blog because it is soooo true! Men think THEY work all day and stay-at-homers do nothin! You work 2 jobs and still are wonderwoman. Sock it to him, kim, and have fun doing it!!

Tony and Heather said...

This post cracked me up -- I can relate. I always thought I was relatively neat and tidy until I got married to a man who never, NEVER changes his clothes without immediately putting the old outfit on hangers or tucked away (nicely) in the appropriate drawer. I agree -- what he doesn't know won't hurt him :).

The Schauers Family said...

Hey you big mess maker!! At least your messes are productive!! Where are you going on your cruise???

Ron said...

I like the picture with the BIG KNIFE on the counter... used with cereal for what reason? Ha.