Saturday, February 28, 2009

Did we have fun??

So the question that I get asked by my sisters is: Did we have fun? Yes, all in all, it was a great family vacation (except for that first day!!). The kids were the perfect age to experience a little independence and run around the ship on their own at times. We did a lot of reading and card playing. Taz and Cynjyn went to the kids club that had organized activities throughout most of the day so Garry, Tanner and I could relax and not worry about having to entertain them. Tanner did the teen kids club which mostly had activities at night so teens 12-14 could hang out together. He would come in at midnight most nights (when the activities were over) and we'd all be in bed.
This is how Tanner and I looked while watching Taz and Cynjyn swim in the UNHEATED pool We are freezing...

...and they are sliding!!

With smiles!!

We really did have fun and loved the bonding time. I highly recommend it for a fairly cheap family vacation!!


Carol said...

I don't think I ever liked freezing water to swim in! I'd been sitting all bundled up, too. Your pictures make it look so fun!

gwen said...

You look happy in all the pictures, so I'm sure it was fun! You let your kids run around ALONE? Haven't you seen Dateline with stories about all those people who were on cruises and came up missing?? Scarey!

kc and k said...

Ahhh, to be a kid and have fun in freezing, cold water anyway!

Krissy said...

I can't believe those two Las Vegas kids who hate being cold were swimming in an unheated pool!