Saturday, February 21, 2009


Our one and only excursion we took was at Ensenada. The above picture is the flag of Mexico. It is one of the largest flags in the world and can be seen from all over Ensenada. It weighs over 500 pounds and is the size of half a football field.
The ship is docked and here is a view of the flag and Ensenada in the background.

Another view of Ensenada.

The ship is docked and we got off and went to a post where we waited to get on the bus for our tour of La Bufadora.

1st in line!
Front row seats on the bus, waiting to take off.

The kids got their one and only suvenier here at the Mercado. We stopped to watch a glass blower and the kids all decided to get something here. Cynjyn got a black rose and the glass blower put her name on the stem. That is what he is doing right now.

Here is the rose...

Taz got a scorpian...

Tanner got a dragon.

La Bufadora is a world phenomenon. It is a blowhole and there are only three of them in the whole world, one in Australia, one in Hawaii, and this one in Mexico. The view of the ocean was beautiful.

They had a local dancer there making music and so we tipped him and got the kids picture with him.

This is the blowhole. You could watch the waves come in and tell if the explosion was going to be big, or little. It was cool!

We go some sprinklings from it!!

Here we are waiting for a big one!


Carol said...

It looks so fun! I've never been on a cruise and now I don't have to--I'm living that dream through your pictures. :o)

gwen said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip. Your excursion sounded like fun--did anyone try scubadiving? Your kids are such water babies they probably would have loved it. I was envious of the summer attire and warm-lliking weather! Wish I were there!

Ron said...

Awesome. Looks like you had fun.