Monday, September 21, 2009

Christmas? Birthday?? Can't be, it's September!

A few weeks ago, I got an email from my sister Krissy informing me, my sister Ky and my mom that Cricut was having a sale and you could go to their website and get 10 cartridges and a Cricut Expressions for $400.00. I don't know a lot about Cricut, but I've had my eye on one for awhile now. So, I went to the website and couldn't find a thing on this special. At this point all I knew was that Cricut cartridges sell for about $60-$80 each and the machine is around $400.00. Finally, I did a google on the Cricut special and found out that I had to go to the educators section and it was a special for teachers. You had to put the name of your school in their and stuff to get the discount and the 10 cartridges were all school related. BUT, the expression is a big Cricut and can do 12x12 paper. The Expression alone retails for $499.99. Well, when you registered to get one, it had a section for preschool, so I gave it a try and put my own address and Kim's Preschool on the form and they accepted it and I was able to order one! I got it Friday, and haven't had time to learn anything about it (suggestions Carol?).

It felt like Christmas!

Tanner's birthday is October 5. We have already ordered his presents and they came Friday too. He was so excited and wanted to open them right away. We said no of course, but then Garry said maybe we should let him open 2 early because he'll be needing them in the next few weeks. So, Sunday night, we let him open two.

He was VERY excited to get Season 8 of Smallville and new Volleyball shoes. They have started having open gym at the high school and his other shoes were too small, so since he has open gym this Tuesday, we let him open them. And just so you all know, season 9 of Smallville starts this Friday and he hasn't seen Season 8, so we gave it to him to try to catch up so he doesn't get too far behind on Season 9! But, he has to wait till the 5th for the rest of them!

And to end on a lighter note, last night during FHE, Garry looked over at Mowgli and he was just laying there with his tongue sticking out!! He would not put it back in. Cynjyn even went over to him and touched his tongue and he still kept sticking it out. We ran and got the camera because he looked so funny!

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Krissy T. said...

I told you to click on the educators section! Apparently even people who aren't certified teachers can qualify as homeschool teachers for the deal. I ordered mine yesterday, can't wait for it to come. I've seen great things done with them!

Heather said...

I'm so jealous! Congrats on your new baby :)

Carol said...

CHRISTMAS? I can't even get prepped for Halloween! Is the cat your new baby?

I love playing around with my Cricut, but it's in Utah so I don't get to use it as much as I want to. I'm going to get the Gypsy when I save up, so if you want one of my Jukeboxes, let me know (unless of course you're getting a Gypsy.) I have three in UT (I have no idea why I have three!) I've cut fabric out on it that was pretty successful. I love the paperdoll cartridge and have seen some really cute cards made from the cut outs.

gwen said...

Well, you can tell I'm not crafty. I didn't even know what one was! But, I'm sure you and Krissy will both make good use of yours! Ejoy! as for Tanner---I'm not wishing him HB until Oct 5!! Quit teasing Mogli! Haven't you ever felt like just hanging your tounge out for no reason??

Lindsay said...

Oohh! The Cricut is so fun to play with! That's good you were able to get such an awesome deal on it!

kc and k said...