Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It's funny how sickness affects different people and ages. Sunday after church, Cynjyn started feeling sick. She had a headache, sore throat and stomach ache. By 6:00, she had a fever of 102. She stayed home from school Monday, Tuesday and today. Monday, she had a really high fever all day and the sore throat and headache. Tuesday, lowgrade fever, still sore throat, slight cough. Wednesday, fever gone, throat still sore and headache. However, by about 2:00, she felt just fine and now only has a crackly voice and a slight cough. I started coughing Monday and have had a terrible cough since then. My throat has been a little sore, no fever, crackly voice. Tanner was supposed to have open gym Tuesday, but came home after school and went right to bed claiming he was sick. Around 5 I took him some water per his request and took his temp. It was 104 and he had chills. I gave him Ibuprophen and he slept most of the evening and was in bed for the night before 9. He did not go to school today. The fever was down to 100 this morning and his head still hurt. Now he is feeling much better but still has a cough.Cynjyn spent all day yesterday concocting with her spa factory and made an oatmeal mask for her face to make her "feel better."

Tanner spent the morning watching Season 8 of Smallville (I made him read Roots all afternoon for English though).
To top it all off, I'm half way through the above book about the Yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia in 1793, so not helping when I have two kids with high fevers! But the book's pretty good.
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Ron said...

Wow. I wanted to wear a mask just reading this. Hope you all get over it soon, doesn't sound fun.

Lindsay said...

I hope everyone feels better too! And hopefully Cynjyn didn't get strep from Cohen when they played during volleyball last week. He might have been contagious before he even showed signs of being sick... Geez, I hope not!!

gwen said...

Las V egas is an unhealthy place to live--you ought to move to Oregon!! Hope everyone is well by now and no one else got the bug!

Carol said...

Fevers, coughs and colds, oh my! I hear the cough lasts a long time--hopefully, not in your case! Get better!

Krissy T. said...

Sounds like Swine Flu symptoms!