Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day

We had a fun Labor Day. We usually play volleyball on Monday nights with a few families from the ward. We decided Sunday to see if they wanted to play earlier in the day and then come to our house for a BBQ and swimming. They said yes. We met at the church at 11 am. Here's Cynjyn and Sydney warming up. Sydney usually plays with us, but C either stays home, or plays in the nursery. Today however, Sydney decided to play with C instead of playing vball!!

But, they had fun warming up together.

Tanner LOVES this picture, even though his pants are falling down. He is jumping higher than his dad and this makes him SUPER HAPPY:)

Taz is practicing hitting. He ended up getting a headache about half way through and sat down, so I made him take pictures that are coming up.

In't he coot!!

Here is us and our peeps playing together and havin fun!

My shoulder and elbow's are so bad now that I can no longer serve overhand. My arthritis diagnosis has really put a hamper on my thrill to play volleyball any more. I know how to play and the mind knows what to do, but it just hurts my wrists, fingers, elbows and shoulders to play "good" anymore. I am about ready to hang up my hat for good with volleyball and that makes me sooooo sad:(

Talon got a good block on Penina. Lewis and Lindsay are ready to back him up though!

Garry is still awesome and gets good hits when Lea's his setter!

Tanner really has good and bad times. He just needs to keep playing and get a little stronger and he'll do fine.

After volleyball, we got home and waited for our company to show up to swim by playing a little Guitar Hero 5!

I was terrible and took NO pictures of us swimming. I was too busy visiting. Mostly, the men and kids swam, us ladies sat poolside and visited. It is so nice to do that. I really enjoy it and I don't do it often enough. So these last pictures are of us eating after swimming for a couple of hours. We decided to eat inside and boy did we have house FULL. Above is Sydney, Cynjyn and Tanner chowing down.

We invited the Hollands even though they don't play vball. Taz has really become quite friendly with Hansen now that they are at the same school (Middle school) and carpool together. So he really wanted to invite them. We know how busy a bishops family is, but they squeezed us into their busy schedule and it was fun to get to know them better. Here are Peter and Cohen chowing down.

Garry, Zoli, Dave and Tiffany. The food was on the table, but a few people ate there, most of us found a place on the couch or ate standing up.

Taz, Jeanne, Rachel, Talon, Hansen, Zoli and Tiff. For a spur of the moment get together, it was pretty fun. The Miranda's and the Berenyi's stayed till around 7:30 and we visited some more and played a few games of Village Idiot. The Hollands left around 5:30. Too bad swimming season is almost over.

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Ron said...

Great way to spend a holiday!

Krissy T. said...

Looks like a busy but fun day

Carol said...

What fun! Arthritis is no fun, I know, but supposedly it is better to keep active so you stay loose. Tell that to those aches and pains, though, when you're trying to move.

kc and k said...

Your arthritis and painful volleyball playing makes me so sad too! Don't they have a cure for that kind of stuff by now. My doc is making me go to a specialist since I seem to be getting the same aches as you :( And, she said to stay active as well and I say ditto to Carol's last sentence!
I'm glad you had a fun weekend.

gwen said...

For some reason, I couldn't comment on the New Moon blog, but, Yeah! Nov is fast approaching and it looks like it's better made than Twilight! Can't wait! Your labor day looked fun=--wish I had the nerve to have a party! So sorry about your arthritis--one bad thing you DIDN't get from me!!