Sunday, September 20, 2009

What did we ever do without 'em??

It's Sunday, church is over, lunch is done. We've all seperated and gone our own way. Talon is at Tiffany's, Tanner is upstairs doing homework, Taz is watching a football game, Garry is emailing some scout stuff to the Stake, I am in the bedroom reading and Cynjyn is taking a bath. I leave my room for a minute to get a drink of water, as I come back into my bedroom, I hear that I have a text on my phone. So I pick it up to check, it is from Taz, whom I just saw in the kitchen. This is what the text said,
"Mom go to your phone!!!" Immediatly followed by another text,
"Do you want to play a game"
Me: Yes, do you have homework?" "Ask Dad if he wants to play too"
Taz: "Nooooooooooooooooooooop"
Taz: "Kkkkkkk"
"Wat game?"
Me: "Carcasone, Settlers or Rage"

At this point, Garry comes into the bedroom. I show him Taz's text and he starts laughing. I text Tanner who is upstairs:
Me: "Wanna play a game?"
"Tanner are u awake?"
Tanner: "Sure"
"I just answered you"

While this is going on, I get a text from Taz:
"O well is dad neer u because he is not in the kitchen"

At this time, Garry picks up his phone and starts texting Taz:
"Let's play sequence"
Taz: "Ok"
"Did you ask mom??"
Garry: "Let me text her" (he's sitting right by me and we're laughing hysterically)

While this is going on, I'm still texting Tanner:
"Sequence, carcasone, settlers or rage"
Tanner: "Settlers"
Me: "Come on down then!"
Tanner: "kk"

Taz and Garry are still texting at this point:
Taz: "Well, she wants to play cacosone settelers or rage"
Garry: "Ok"
Taz: "Ya so txt her!"

Seconds later, we were all at the table happily setting up Settlers of Catan. How did we ever communicate before we all had phones??

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gwen said...

That is pretty extreme--what's the world coming to??

Heather said...

That's funny! Do you ever use your phone to text your kids to come to dinner? I find it's easier than yelling downstairs (upstairs in your case).

Chris and Audra said...

I love Settlers....been too long since we played it.

Carol said...

I love it! I still feel stupid sometimes when I text a family member instead of just picking up the phone. I haven't tried texting people who are IN my house, but that may happen now that you've shown me the way. :O)