Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No more monthly dates

Being the Primary President, I have the privelege of attending the monthly stake baptisms if there are any children in the ward getting baptized. They are most always on Saturday's at 5:00 pm. Garry, being the good husband that he is, will always go with me to keep me company. It has become a monthly date night. Well, no more!! Now that it's fall, this guy has replaced me!!
Thanks to this awesome team, I went to the baptism by myself as Garry sat perched on the couch with the remote in his hand ready to rewind plays and cheer on his beloved Cougars. Now, I must say, I saw the beginning of the game and the end. That's all that matters right? AND, the end was the most exciting part!I am glad that he gets so into the game and his team, I'm sad to have lost my date night, but life goes on and...GO COUGARS!! (I will say that last year he did go to Twilight with me during an exciting game because we were going as a book club with our husbands, so kudo's to him for that!)

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Ron said...

Baptisms vs BYU foot ball? Date night vs BYU foot ball? You're a very understanding wife. Fact: football is part of the male hormone replacement enzyme all of us men need to survive. :-)

Tony and Heather said...

I make Tony put all the games on my calendar so I can know when he is "unavailable." :)

Carol said...

What a good wife not to complain! It was a great game, wasn't it!