Friday, October 16, 2009

Catch up

In mid September, we had a primary activity where we encouraged the children to bring a bag of coins to donate to Pennies by the Inch. We had 65 kids come and they ALL brought a bag. Well, that meant that I had to count and roll up all those coins and turn them into the bank and get a check to send to the program. We had two big jars filled because we had a jar left over from last year that I never got around to counting. So I started counting and rolling. It is a long tedious process and I was only about 1/3 of the way done. So, we sit down to watch General Conference Sunday morning and Garry pulls out the jars and starts sorting. Pretty soon, Taz and Cynjyn are helping. Before you know it, the first session is over and Taz and Cynjyn are shocked that it went so fast!!
They take a break and start again second session.

This is what they ended up with!

Combined with the ones I had already done, it came to $300.58.

Now, I've got to find a strong young son to lift them and carry them to the bank for me! Thanks Garry, Taz and Cynjyn for all your help!

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gwen said...

that is amazing--glad y ou had some quality help! By the way, if you taped quarters side by side on a mile of tape, do you know how much money you would have? Over $12,000! if you don't believe me, figure it out!

gwen said...

HI kIM--kris and i both updated our blogs, but the titles didnt change on your list, nor did they go to the top of the list--wonder what's wrong???

kc and k said...

It's amazing how much pennies add up. Good job on all the counting.

Anonymous said...

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