Friday, October 2, 2009


Tanner got a haircut today. He has outgrown what I can do for him, which isn't much, and he now wants a more styled hairdoo. So, it was off to Fantastic Sam's. We all like it. Notice it's either a fairly close up shot of the hair and no arms, or... long shot of hair with Orangutan arms. Tanner's heading to SLC tomorrow at 7:00am. The bishop is taking all the priests and teachers to the Priesthood session of General Conference tomorrow night, then they are coming back on Sunday. Tanner's excited to go. Plus he came home from school today with two cards from two different girls. A card and two giant candy bars from Ariana and a homemade card from Tam for his bday Monday. It's been a good day for him.
Here is the card from Tam, isn't she talented, she drew those pictures of them and made the card. I really like it.
The only bad part of his day...Apparently he dropped something on his way from seminary to school and when he bent down to pick it up, his pants ripped. He went around like this all day. Luckily, he had a long shirt that covered it up, but still he could have called and I could have brought him a pair before school!! CRAZY BOY!

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kc and k said...

So Handsome! Love the cut! So Funny about the Pants! That is the cutest card. She should go into the card-making business.

Ron said...

ya gotta wonder how are kids think sometimes. ha. very nice card.

gwen said...

Modern man! Love the do! Tanner is a handsome, cool kid. Cute card! Even if others could have seen the rip, he would have been right in style--especially if he would have pulled the pants down far enough to see MOST of the undies! Thank goodness for the long shirt! Love yOur Halloween page!

Krissy T. said...

I like the new haircut Tanner! After that cute card, I'm embarassed for Tanner to see the card I made! By the way, how does someone like Tanner rip their pants? I thought that only happened to people like me, whose pants are a bit too...shall we say snug?

Tony and Heather said...

Nice hair cut and happy birthday Tanner (or as Afton would say, Dada) :)