Thursday, October 8, 2009

If you give a teenager a camera...

I sent Tanner off to SLC with the camera and instructions to take pictures of his adventure. I told him to make sure he had other people take pictures with it, so that HE was in some of the pictures. This is what he came back with, and this is only a few. This must be him waiting to leave at the church.

Obviously, he had Preston, or someone take this because it's a pretty good shot. I assume they're on the road.

This is the typical self portrait.

This must be after the session. Apparently he has added parking garages to his list of top 10 fears because he feels like the car is going to hit the ceiling. It didn't help that he was in Brother Imlay's huge, tall truck.

I don't have an explanation for this one.

These are the "fun things they did shots". Let's play Where's Tanner? Only no one will win...

...because HE isn't in any of them!! He took a picture of his top 10 fear though, the top of the parking garage!!

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Ron said...

love the pics, "through the eyes of a teen"

gwen said...

This journal is soooo "typical teenager--life is boring"attitude! But, he's handsome and a good kid so we love him anyway! At least he went! Good job, Tanner!

kc and k said...

I want the official top 10 list! Good job on the picture taking, Tan.