Monday, October 19, 2009

Things we've been doing lately

This week: I chaparoned Cynjyn's class field trip to a farm show (Kind of like a county fair, only a lot less fun) Here she is with her best school friend, Kayla before we left!
Me and her on the bus ride to.

The horse

The shepherds tent with the group I was in charge of.

The donkeys

Our favorite: The Piggies!!

This week: Cynjyn and Rebecca swam for two hours!! No, we didn't heat the pool, yes it was about 63 degrees (the water that is, not the temp outside), yes, the jacuzzi was 99 for them to warm up in!

This week: Garry got lasik on Friday and avoided a campout at the indoor climbing center that Taz and Tanner went to. He had to wear these dark glasses for 24 hours and couldn't watch TV, read or be on a computer. He just layed around and took it easy!!

He has to wear these at night for a month and when he's showering. He got the surgery at 1:00 Friday afternoon and at his post op check up Saturday morning at 9:30, the doc. said he was healing like a 20 year old!! He's loving it!

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kc and k said...

Garry couldn't read!!! How did he manage that? I hope he continues to heal fast.
The girls don't look cold at all, but it had to be freezing!

gwen said...

Cynj should have been right at home with those animals, although she looks a little shy about it! The pool was probably more fun! I can't imagine Garry without those pasrticular things--what in the world did he do to pass the time? (ii just woke up from a 2 hour nap and it's only 1:30! :( glad it went well!

Krissy T. said...

Good luck healing Garry! Do you need to come stay at the Terry recovery center?

Carol said...

Looks like a fun field trip, but that swim party in the cold water wouldn't be for me! Ron felt like the lasik surgery was so worth it.

Ron said...

Good for Garry's surgery. He'll love the results. Love the pig picture - bbq ribs on the hoof. ha