Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tanner turns 15!

Tanner's birthday was Monday. There just happen to be no school that day because of staff develpment day. Tanner was so happy because he could sleep in on his birthday!! Tanner, Taz and I have discovered FarmVille on Facebook and we all love to play it. So I thought a FarmVille cake would be a perfect surprise for him. I called up Lindsey and she made it happen. She had heard for FV, but had never played, she even started her own farm so she could see what it was all about and get ideas for Tanner's cake. I thought it turned out perfect and it was delicious to boot.

Everyone but Tanner knew that he was getting a FV cake. After we got back from his dinner choice of Olive Garden, we picked up the cake and then made him sit on the couch for the big reveal. Unfortunatly, I didn't have any candles, I know, I'm a slacker mom!! He loved it and was smiling and giggling and immediatly pulled out his phone to try to take a picture to post to Facebook, but his phone wasn't working too well, so he never got one.He had already opened two presents earlier, but today he got a black and white volleyball and a new game: Zooloretto. We played the game all afternoon and really liked it. He was thrilled with his vball as it's his two favorite colors.To top it all off, Talon and Tiffany got him a shirt with his all time FAVORITE animal on it. He could not stop smiling. Tiffany was alittle confused when Talon wanted to get him a raccoon shirt, but Talon knew it would be perfect for Tanner.
He put the shirt on and they all wanted a picture with the birthday boy! Hope you had a good one Tanner. We LOVE you so much!!

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gwen said...

Yes, perfect gifts fortanner, and he is loved sooooo much! I love the shirt! And, it's great to see T,T, andT in a picture together.. I miss EVERYONE!(I DO HAVE RESERVATIONS ABOUT A GREEN CAKE, BUT I DON'T KNOW THE GAME, SO IT'S OK!)

Krissy T. said...

Awww, sounds like it was a good birthday! Can't believe he's 15! What a great young man.

Carol said...

Happy Birthday, Tanner! So how come you and Taz aren't my Farmville "neighbor?" :O) Cute cake!

Ron said...

Love the t-shirt. any cake left?