Monday, October 12, 2009

Our weekend

Saturday was a jam packed day at the Goon house. Taz started the day off by meeting up with the missionaries at Lawson's house. There is a boy in our ward that is investigating and he's there age, so they all got together and had a massive 4-square tournament. Taz came home absolutly filthy from it all!! You can't see how black his knees and face and feet are here, but trust me, he looked like a chimney sweeper.
He took off his socks and notice his white foot compared to the rest of the legs, I don't know what happened to his right foot??

Taz got home at noonish and had a football game at 1:50. He is having a tough year. Garry decided not to coach this year, and his coach is really nice, but doesn't teach them a thing about football, they are not winning much and the boys aren't learning much. BUT, Taz's best friend Lawson is on the team with him, so they have fun together. The above picture is of the two of them.

Taz was playing defense right here. He's good at it.

Then, our big excitement was that we ALL had tickets to the BYU UNLV game. It started at 7:00, we got there around 6. We gave our neighbor Becca a ride because her Dad was already there and he had a ticket for her. But he had to leave for awhile and wasn't there when we got there, so Talon, Tiffany, and Cynjyn waited outside for him to show up, then they found us. Here are the before game preparations. Tiffany and Talon painting Taz and Cynjyn's faces.

We had ordered matching t-shirts from the bookstore. We got a deal as the shirts were only $5.00 each. We were all excited to be wearing them!!

Here's the kids right before we went in.

Garry and I waiting for the game to start. (By the way, Garry is wearing his glasses because he is scheduled to have Lasik eye surgery this Friday and he can't wear his contacts for two weeks prior!)

We had such good seats, they were close to the field and almost in the endzone. They were right by where BYU warmed up before the game. So, Taz and Tanner had to get pictures by them.

We were all so excited and happy to be there. It was a first for Taz for a college game and Tanner thought it was his first, but we informed him that he'd been to one when he was quite young, when Ky lived with us, but since he doesn't remember it, he counted this one and was excited.

When Cynjyn showed up after having met up with Rebecca's dad, we wanted a picture of her by the team warming up too.

Garry had to get a close up of Max Hall in action warming up.

Taz loved dressing up for the occasion and kept the hat on all night.

What was fun was these boys that were behind us. They were a few rows up and they were cheering and singing the fight song and really getting into the game. Taz loved watching them. By the time the game was over, he practically had the fight song memorized (you do know we sang it after every touchdown and the score was over 50 points for BYU!!) Anyway, the weather was actually gorgeous, we all brought jackets, but ended up using them for our rear ends cushion. UNLV had an announcement that if UNLV scored a touchdown on a kickoff return that everyone that had a ticket to the game would get a free Raising Cane's chicken dinner. Well, guess what, UNLV scored their first touchdown off a kickoff return!!! It was funny because we were in a sea of BYU blueshirts, but about the 4 rows directly in front of us were UNLV fans, they were jumping in our faces and rubbing it in that they got a touchdown off us, but we were cheering right along with them because we'd all just won free chicken! We had now doubt who the final victors would be!
Even though we won by a landslide, we stayed until the end. UNLV fans were leaving in the 3rd quarter and the stadium wasn't looking too full. Now, we told Taz and Cynjyn to work their way to the rails where we took those pictures of them in front of the players warming up, but they only went down a little and were playing around. Well, what do you know, the team came and high fived everyone down by the rails, but by then, Taz couldn't squeeze in and saw them, but didn't get to touch them. Boy was he me...because I didn't tell him they were going to do that. I didn't know, but I figured something was up as people were making there way down there. Anyway, he was crying and upset because he really wanted a high five from Max Hall. He informed us that he is flying down to San Diego next weekend and going to the game!! We felt bad for him, but...
Anyway, everyone, even Cynjyn had a great time and they all want to go again when BYU plays here, oh, and they want to go to Provo now for a real BYU game in a real stadium!! The best part was, the traffic going home was PAINLESS!! That is why Garry's been avoiding going all these years because of the traffic, but we got home so fast. It looks like this might be the start of a new tradition!!
Garry and I had to give talks the next day in Sacrament Meeting. Luckily, I had done mine Monday and Garry was done with his by Friday. My talk lasted 20 minutes which left Garry with 7 min. to give his 15 min. talk. OOPS, my bad!! Anyway, when I'd practiced reading it, it was only 15 min. I also got in trouble because I only told a story about Talon and Taz in my talk and not Tanner and Cynjyn. A mother can never win:)

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Tony and Heather said...

Way to really get into the game! Loved the face paint :)

Krissy T. said...

What was your talk about? What stories did you tell?

Ron said...

What fun. I watched some of the game on TV, they do play well. Tell Garry, not to read the "disclaimer" before the eye surgery, some scary stuff. He'll love the results. Enjoy the Cane's.

gwen said...

Good new family tradition--almost made me want to go to a football game! I'm impressed you got such good seATS!

gwen said...

kim, i can't e-mail you because I can't access my addresses I just wanted to wish G good luck on the eye surgery (scary thought) and to tell you I thought the gifts you made for Krissy for her bd were simply adorable. i love to watch people open the box! I'll say it again, you are sooo clever and crafty!

Carol said...

How fun is that to wear matching shirts and all! You guys do such great family things.

Uncle Jonah said...

Hey that was Nate Huntsman in the picture of the guys who painted their bodies. He is the one in the middle.