Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm rich!

In my never ending quest to eliminate piles of shame, I got sidetracked with our change baskets. I had leftover coin rollers from Pennies by the Inch and they were calling me last night. These are the 4 main places we keep spare change. The basket on the left is in our closet, the heart basket is on our desk by where Garry keeps his keys and work badge, the basket that still has Sacajawea dollars and presidential dollars and a Chuckecheese token is in Garry's cabinet and the cup is on our scripture shelf where I keep my keys. I seperated and rolled all the nickles, dimes and quarters last night and this morning. The cup is full of pennies that I just couldn't bring myself to bother with, and the heart shaped cup is the leftovers of the three silver coins. All said and done: $88.00!! Saving those daily coins does end up paying off in the long run!!
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Heather said...

I was just thinking I needed to do the same thing. Great minds really do think alike!!! Megan sent Cynjyn a letter today, so be looking for it. She said, "It's SO fun getting mail!"

Krissy T. said...

Bonus! I guess it pays in more ways than one to organize!

gwen said...

Great pay for getting sidetracked! Hope you didn't roll up anything a coin collector would want! :)

Ron said...

It all adds up.. I guess we need to take our big container in!