Sunday, January 24, 2010


This is what my house looked like Saturday. I fed 7 kids a semi-healthy lunch, pizza rolls, sliced apples, and cookies. Tyler and Austin were over here the whole day while their parents worked on the house across the street, Hunter came over to hang out and Rebecca spent the afternoon here.

Cynjyn and I were in the hot tub for the first time in over a month, then Rebecca showed up and I got out and let them play as it cooled down.
Taz went to Lawson's birthday party on Friday. They had to dress up (I don't know why though, no prizes or games with the dressing up, just very random that they had to.) Anyway, Taz went as the BYU waterboy. Those are raindrops and waves all over him (Which I cut out with my Cricut, it was the first time I've used it since I got it, EASY and QUICK!!)

This is Talon home from work for lunch. He ALWAYS takes off his pants the minute he gets in the door and wants to be comfortable so he runs around in his boxers, eating lunch and visiting with me.??

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kc and k said...

I think we're all glad Talon wears boxers instead of briefs. :)

I thought Rebecca moved far away?

Amber was just showing me last night how she uses her new cricut.

Do you like my randomness comments?

gwen said...

Fun random things! Randomness in life makes life interesting!

Ron said...

Random is good. maybe Talon needs pink boxers and he'd keep his pants on?