Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One resolution started, one pile conquered!

We had a long weekend. The kids had Friday off for Staff Development Day and we all had Monday off for MLK day. Garry had today off for his normal Tuesday off. Well, Taz, Tanner and I talked to Garry earlier in the week and told him we wanted to turn the garage into a hangout room for them and their friends. We were so happy he agreed!! We told him we'd help with the brunt labor and do whatever he needed. He agreed and we started on Saturday. Before I post those pictures though, here is a pile I conquered today!!

These are before pictures of the garage. It is piled with Christmas boxes and stuff leftover from our garage sale.

The bikes take up a lot of room and Garry has two workbenches that you can barely see because they are piled with junk.

Stuff is everywhere. Well, Jack, our previous next door neighbor had his leasers move out and they trashed his place and so he had a dumpster put outside his house while he's in the process of cleaning it out. Garry asked him if we could put some stuff in it since we were cleaning out the garage. He said yes, so this was the perfect weekend to begin.

About 1/2 way through, Taz took a lunch break and had a bowl of Frosted miniwheats.

Here are Tanner and Taz in the dumpster.

Here are Garry and I working in the garage. I'm unloading file cabinets and Garry's making piles for Tanner and Taz to take over to the dumpster.

This was Garry's first purchase as a youth, a boombox and he bought it when he was in Jr. High. He is finally ready to dump it in the dumpster, but had taz do an 80's pose with it first.

He is junking his bigger workbench that he made himself out of dumpster dived wood. Notice Taz put on roller blades to take his piles to the dumpster.

After they got it in the dumpster, they let Taz take a sledge hammer to it to break down the legs so it wouldn't stick out over the edge...

...then Taz just had to demolish that boombox, he had way too much fun with that sledge hammer and dumpster!!

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Carol said...

I feel worn out just watching you guys work.

Krissy T. said...

Cool! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Lindsay said...

Do you know how much your neighbor is going to lease the house for after he cleans it up?? !