Friday, January 15, 2010

My piles of shame.

I saw a blog where a lady captured her piles of shame in her house. Just little corners or areas that were always a mess, or always cluttered, or always forgotten and ignored. As I walked around my house today, I noticed several of these. So I thought, why not capture these shames and document them? So here they are, in no particular order: I have a fairly big space on the end of my kitchen cupboard that just can't stay uncluttered. There is always mail, or tools that never make it back into the garage, or stuff people take off and place on the counter as they work on the computer (ie: the shoes and watch). There is even garbage on there even though the GARBAGE CAN is literally right there. Grocery lists, half drunk cups of liquid, and a first aid kit to repair Sean Borla's scrapped up knee from roller blading!! See that half full liter of ginger ale. It is there from THANKSGIVING! Yes that long, waiting for us to add it to the other half of our frozen slush punch that we didn't drink all of. You can see that I added some bins in the hopes of trying to stay a little less cluttered with the adds and coupons and such that come in the mail, but we'll see how long that lasts.

This is my baker's rack right inside the kitchen. The middle section is supposed to house our paper supplies like paper plates, silverwear, cups etc. Apparently we were all too lazy to take those out of their wrappings and so they just sit there unorganized and ugly looking. The bottom holds a few things like the crockpot and deep fryer, a water jug we no longer use now that the water dispenser is fixed on the refrigerator, plate cover lids for the microwave and Cynjyn's lunch bag. Another shameful mess.
This is the extra chair for the table. We keep it in the corner for when we have guests which is actually quite frequent as it seems that there are always a few extra kids at dinner time. Well, we clear off the table for dinner by piling whatever was on IT onto the extra chair. It currently holds Tanner's books for his research paper due in a few weeks, Catching Fire which he just finished reading, and a few other things. Usually though, it's piled with games we've played and are then too lazy to take back upstairs.

This is a bin right inside my bedroom door. It holds blankets that we use all the time to stay warm while watching TV, or eating or whatever. Now, however, I have put all my ribbon holders on it because I saw a cool way to store ribbon on a blog that won't take up as much room as these holders, so I'm in the process of converting my ribbon from the holders to the basket you see. Well, it's a tedious process I started two weeks ago and ran out of steam, so there it sits. Looks like I've piled a jacket, a scarf and some leftover fleece from Tanner's eagle project on it.

This is our headboard. Garry and I both like to read and so it's piled with old magazines and books. I probably clean it off about once every four months. At least the pillows cover it up and it's not so noticable.

Another place of piles of old magazines, the bathroom. This stack has all been read except for the Ensign which is on the top. Remember my resolution to read it every month, this is helping. It is piled on stacks of old People magazines seriously from September!!

Lastly, my closet. I believe at the beginning of the year, I had all my Sunday skirts hung up and arranged nicely in my closet. I'm talking about the beginning of 2009!! No, as I take off a skirt it goes ontop of this orange basket in here until I search for it to wear again. The pile next to it is pajamas and sweaters that I wear almost daily and a 10 pack of Kleenex I bought two weeks ago at Sam's and haven't found a place for yet. So, there you have it, my piles of shame. I really need to do something about them. When I do, I'll be sure to update my piles. Hopefully they'll be organized in a few months.

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Carol said...

Oh, wow! I'm not sure I'd be up for a "piles of shame" blog. I have way too many shameful piles.

Krissy T. said...

Brave of you to show them! I prefer to keep my piles of shame hidden!

gwen said...

well, we all have them! One problem is too much stuff and not enough room. When I moved 6 years ago, I got rid of a lot of stuff--moved from a 12 room h ouse to a 10 room house--so it was helpful to leave a lot behind! Maybe I should move again! Good luck on facing the piles!

Heather said...

I find this really funny! I'm going to go home and do this ;) (Except most of my piles are now packed in boxes waiting to be moved again--however my biggest pile of shame is my ironing! HATE IT!

kc and k said...

Way to keep it real:)

My "piles of shame" post would be too long. I think it'd be easier for me to post the one or two corners of my house that I'm proud of!

Ron said...

I took my camera around but couldn't find such photo-worthy corners to capture so I cleared of the lazy boy and took a nap.