Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's still a New Year

It is the first week of the new year and I have been thinking a lot about all the things I want to accomplish and experience this year. So, I have comprised a list of goals or priorities that I want to happen in 2010:

In 2010 I want to:
  • Finish the Book of Mormon (I only got through Alma last year).
  • Lose 30 pounds. I usually don't like to put a number on this, but I feel the need to do that this year in order to make it a reality.
  • Scrapbook. In 2009, I blogged and thought that was good enough. I did a few digi pages for Primary and such, but I didn't physically put pictures in a scrapbook at all. I need to do that.
  • Spend less time on the computer.
  • Read for enjoyment more.
  • Watch less TV.
  • Become more physically active.
  • Help Cynjyn develope a hobby.
  • Pick up my quilting hobby again.
  • Read the Ensign every month.
  • Keep my house cleaner.
  • Keep adding to my food storage.
  • Remodel my garage and turn it into a family room (O.K, I really want my husband to do that, but maybe, just maybe he'll read my blog and see this:)).

Wow, I'm tired just thinking of all that I want to do. Maybe I should add Nap more to the list then I would keep one "resolution" on a regular basis!!

Seriously, this list is doable and I'm a gonna DO IT!!

Happy New Year 2010.

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kc and k said...

Those are great goals. (Especially the napping one :)) I've kind of been thinking of goals, but havn't written anything done solid yet. I probably should so that I'm more likely to take them seriously and get something accomplished this year. Good luck at completing your goals. I know you can do it!

gwen said...

I'll have to give some thoujghts to mhy goals for the new year!! Your goals are great, and I especially like the family room goal.

gwen said...

ps Maybe proofreading should be on my goal list!

Krissy T. said...

Sounds like good goals. That's also a good idea to post them on your blog so that you can keep us updated when you accomplish each one!

Ron said...

I had to laugh at the garage thing, as I see garages with couch, pool table, tv etc and they call it a game room. Ha.
The sure way to get through the B of Mormon is if you teach SS and it's on the schedule (from experience)
PS I'm Garry's FV neighbor, didn't know you farmed.....