Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's been a painful week

The week started out o.k. Cynjyn started her science fair project. She is putting carnations in different solutions to see which solution the carnation will last the longest in. Everyone was excited because we decided that IBC root beer bottles would make the perfect containers, so all last week, everyone was drinking the root beer.
I ended up in the urgent care on Tuesday morning because my wrist was killing me. I have an inflamation of the tendons. Probably from being on the computer too much. Too much time on FarmVille. So I have to wear this for 10 days.

Monday found Tanner's eczema all broken out and that thing Kres has, you know, those little wart like bumps were all red. So, we got him an appointment at 10:15 and didn't get seen and out until 12:30. It was infected, so he's on an oral antibiotic and a topical one.

Monday also found Talon with what he thought was a pimple on the bottom of his foot. (Can one have a pimple on the bottom, I don't know?) So, he had me pop it with a pin. A bunch of puss came out. The next day it was purple and pussy again and he couldn't walk on it. So, he went to Urgent Care that night and he has cellulitis. He too is on antibiotics for it. He wore one dress shoe and one slip on sandal to work today. Click on the picture to blow it up and see the small insert by his bare foot of the actual cellulitis!!

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Carol said...

Oh my! My niece gets cellulitis in her sinuses--no fun! I hope it isn't Farmville causing that painful wrist--what would I do without you and Garry sending me "gifts."

Krissy T. said...

Hmmmm, could all of these ailments be caused by drinking too much Root Beer? Just kidding--hope you all get better soon!

gwen said...

Ouch!! After all of this, I hope the science project works out! All of the ailments look painful. There's an old saying, "it never rains but pours!"

Ron said...

wow, at least the carnation experiment is a positive thing. (I couldn't bring myself to enlarge the foot picture)