Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today was a good day!

Well, it didn't start out so good. Taz and Garry were on a campout at Valley of Fire, so last night Tanner, Cynjyn and I watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azcaban. Of course, in typical Goon fashion Cynjyn kept commenting how this and that wasn't in the book!! Anyway, so C slept with me last night as she does when there's a campout and so we were up this morning before 8. I went right to the Wynn website at 8 am to purchase Garth Brooks tickets because Garry got an email at work about it. I have always wanted to see him. Some of you know this story, but I'll tell it anyway: Taz was two weeks overdue. He was due Aug. 2 and wasn't born until the 15th. Well, Garry and I had tickets to Garth Brooks concert on that day. Needless to say, we didn't make it. BUT, my mom and sister, Krissy had come down to stay with Tanner and Talon during the birth and THEY got a babysitter and took OUR tickets and enjoyed the show. I have been sad about that every since. So when I heard he was coming to LV for THREE YEARS, I said I must GO! Now, I don't have to be the first to see him, I just want to go before he LEAVES. So, this is what I watched for 1 hour and 20 min. this morning. Then, suddenly, the page just stopped working. I was soooo MAD! I know he'll be here for a couple more years, but I am beginning to think I'll have a hard time getting tickets!! BUT...the day did get better.
Cynjyn went to her first Achievement Day girls Day camp. She was old enough to go last year, but, we were on our cruise. This is what she came home with. She really had a good time and was gone from 8:30-1:00.

Tanner didn't go to the campout because today was volleyball tryouts. Tanner tried out for JV and HE MADE it. He is very excited. The coach told him that the varsity coach wants him playing all around because he's good on the front row and he's a good passer. So he told her to have him play all around. The season begins March 11 and we are all so excited!! Good job Tanner!

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Krissy T. said...

Yes, that was the best concert I've ever been to and I want to watch his LV show too! Keep trying! And hey, you missed the concert but you got a baby that turned into a wonderful boy, so don't be too sad and jealous of mom and I :). Way to go Tanner and Cynjyn!

kc and k said...

I had no idea GB will be in LV for that long. I soooo want to go too!!! Hooray for Cynjyn and Tanner! I'm excited to watch him!

Carol said...

I'd love to see Garth, too, but you were more patient than I would have been by waiting in that virtual room so long. Congrats to Tanner!

gwen said...

Great job for Tanner!! All around is good! Wish I lived closer. Good achievement for Cynjyn! Krissy and I loved Garth Brooks!!! I would go again in a heartbeat! The end of that story is when we got home from the concert, the babysitter was so sound asleep we practically had to carry him to the car to take him home! The house coul have burned down and he would never have known!!

Heather said...

Congratulations to Tanner! All that hard work must have paid off! And that's fantastic about Cynjyn's day camp. (It also puts me to shame -- that's my calling in our ward, and I never even thought about hosting a day camp...But boys get it, so so should girls.) I hope you get to see Garth Brooks sometime.

Ron said...

I'm was reading hoping to see campout pics... no need, I've got enuff memories of Valley of Fire campouts of my own. Good luck with Garth.