Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm back...prepare yourselves!!

We started off our summer in Boise. The morning after we got there, we helped my sister Ky throw a baby shower for her best friend Rebecca. Kylene is so good at throwing parties and having everything look cute and matched. She did a great job.
This is the first summer that Ky's neighborhood put in a community pool. So the kids did some swimming!
Ky's house is always freezing to us Vegas people. She claims it's because the upstairs is hot and the downstairs has to suffer cold. Regardless, this is how we were found most of the time!

The kids loved playing croquet and lawn darts and a variety of lawn games at Krissy and Brian's house. We slept here, but bounced back and forth between Krissy and Ky's houses all the time we were in Boise.

We had got Eclipse on CD and listened to most of it on the car ride to Boise. We made sure to see the movie the day it came out, June 30 and Ella and Cynjyn wore their matching Team Jacob shirts. (WHATEVER!!)

We had milkshakes and fries at a 50's diner downtown. Taz loved the place because the Man Vs. Food guy had been their trying one of their meals. He had to down a 1 pound burger that had a hot dog on it and a huge order of chili fries and a shake in 30 min. or less, he made it with about 30 seconds to spare our waitress told us. Taz got his picture in front of the picture wall.

The waitress brought the kids little tops and airplanes to play with while waiting for their food. Someone flew the airplane and it landed right on top of my head. Can you see it?

Brian didn't know he had such mad dentist skills. Taz came to Boise with several loose teeth. Brian was the official tooth puller and Taz will come back to Vegas with two less teeth!!

Brian and Krissy took us up the road a little ways out of Kuna to go 4 wheeling one evening. With only one 4 wheeler, it took a while to give all the kids a ride. Here is Brian and Cynjyn.

The weather got really stormy while we were there and a huge dust storm came along. We could see it coming from a ways away. This is the view from inside our car as the dust came blowing a long. It was so cool, yet kinda scary how fast it came at us.

The sky got all black and the wind really picked up. See the girls hair?

But, the sunsets after a storm are just gorgeous!

Stay tuned, more to come.

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