Thursday, October 14, 2010


First, the happy. I bought this pumpkin at WM for $5.oo. It is fake! I mixed some red and gold glitter and drew my design on with a sharpie, then painted over that with Modpodge and sprinkled the glitter on. After it was all dry, I sprayed it with gold glitter spray. I love that I can keep it up all during Halloween and Thanksgiving. I have been waiting for WM to put out their Christmas decorations. I never thought I'd be saying that, but I have been so wanting some purple bulbs to fill my big glass jar with. I finally got some!! Love it. I had made the pumpin to take to YW's as we were decorating pumpkins and this was a sample. I was with the Laurels and they did some cute, sparkly pumpkins. In the meantime, the Beehives were painting pumpkins and I thought this one turned out so cute, I HAD to take a picture of it!!
Now, onto the sad, Cynjyn had oral surgery on Tuesday. She had to have four teeth extracted and chains put in to pull her permanant teeth in straight. What we don't do for perfect teeth?? Garry took her thank goodness, I hate the thought of the whole "my child is in pain" thing. This is what she looked like right when she got home.

Here are her four teeth.

The tooth fairy brought $10.00(the only happy thing about this ordeal!).

She woke up yesterday looking like Little Cindy Lu Who from Whoville!

By last night, she was still very swollen.

This is what she looked like this morning. She feels terrible and looks terrible. I feel so bad for her!

She hasn't been back to school as she doesn't want to go with her face all swollen. She is MISERABLE, and misses school and wants everything to be back to normal!! So do I.

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kc and k said...

You poor thing!!! I hope things get back to normal as soon as possible!

I loved how your pumpkins turned out and bulbs. I know a certain someone who will love your PURPLE bulbs as well. :)

Carol said...

Cute pumpkins--makes me want to brave a trip too WM. Cynjyn's swollen face makes me want to cry! Poor thing! I hope the swelling goes down pretty soon. Does ice help?

Ron said...

what a mixture of thoughts... wow, chains. CIB is good. (Carnation Instant Breakfast drink)

Krissy T. said...

Poor Cynjyn!!!! Hang in there Cynj and get better soon. You know I would be a lot less brave than you Cynj!

gwen said...

Life just isn't fair sometimes! I'm with you, Kim! That's what dad's are for! Just looking at those pictures makes me want to cry with her! I hope she's ready for school by Monday! Hang in there, Cyn, we love you!
Cute pumpkins! Carol shoul try "braving Walmart" HERE--it's the only store in town!