Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Twas the week before Halloween!

Garry and I were invited to a fun mystery party over the weekend. It was a party where we played a character and had to figure out who burned down our high school 20 years earlier on prom night. Garry was a stoner in high school and I was valedictorian. We ended up married. It was fun. We had it mostly figured out by the end of the night!! (Carol, remember when we did one of these for a ward activity? It reminded me of you!!)

Our week is filled with parties, football and spirit week. Here are Cynjyn and Sydney at their Activity Day's Halloween party.

Talon is watching the Ducks...his they are doing well, with his jersey, on the big screen!

Cynjyn's school had their annual Harvest Festival. We went last Friday. Taz and Cynjyn both loved the hula hoop contest.

Their favorite booth was to eat the Krispy Kreme donut off the string!

Taz had football Saturday. The weather was perfect for watching football, I actually got chilled and had to wrap up in my shirt.

Cynjyn had treats for FHE. I had made some Halloween eyeballs to take to a party that Garry and I went to on Friday. So, she decided to make some eyeballs for her FHE treat. They are yummy:)

I whipped up these cute little halloween treats yesterday to take to the YW girls tonight. They are so easy to do, just tear some muslin in strips and hot glue them and they wiggle eyes to a hershey bar. I made a tag and glued that on too. I will also give them to my Visiting Teachies.

It is spirit week at the middle school. Yesterday was pajama day. I always forget to take a picture of that. Today is twin day, so, here is Taz in his twin shirt he made with his twin.

They nicknamed themselves on the back.

Luckily, his twin is in the carpool. We picked up Lawson this morning and I got a picture.

Now, you thought it would end there right?? NO WAY, there are 6 of them, that's right, SIX. Only Alexis is in my carpool though, so I only got a picture of triplets.

Hopefully Taz will be able to get a picture of all 6 of them at school. I told him to try!! Still more to come as we continue the week before Halloween...bwahwahwah!!!

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Carol said...

I miss doing and being a part of those kind of parties! Looked like you guys had a fun time. Love the candy bars--gotta make them. You are the most creative person! What's inside Cynjyn's "eyeballs"?

kc and k said...

Yes, what's inside those eyeballs. Kres didn't recognize Taz with his long hair, and was excited to see a "4" on the back his shirt! I'm stealing the mummy bars too. It's just too cute! I love Halloween. So fun!

Carol said...

I made the candy bars (not as cute as yours)--thanks for such a fun idea!

gwen said...

Thank you, thank you for the lighter background. I wouldn't have wanted to miss this fun blog!