Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spirit week continues

Here are Tanner and Amanda on Twin day. This is a picture taken at seminary, they have no classes together, but wanted to dress up anyway.
I think the shirts turned out cute. Friday, Amanda texts Tanner and asks him if he'll dress up with her for the football game that night that starts at 7:00. He says yes, so I pick Amanda up at 4 and we head off to look for clothes. We end up at WM and Ross. They got more t-shirts and paint at WM and then at Ross, they found jeans that they intended to cut into shorts, purple socks for Tanner and Teal slippers for Amanda. $100.00 and an hour and a half later, they are ready to start. Talon and Cynjyn decided to play some football while Tanner and Amanda are decorating.

They are just starting and are waiting for the words to dry before they start splattering.

They decided to put some handprints on the pockets of the jeans. They so wanted to have a paint war, but they were running out of time.

They were originally only going to put a paint stripe on their faces, but they messed up on it, so they decided to paint their whole faces!

Cynjyn was feeling left out, so Garry put some skyhawks on her face and she painted her hands for the game.

The game starts at 7 and it's now about 7:20 and we make them put the shirts on (still wet, even after Garry spent about 10 min. blow drying them).

The look cute and ready to cheer on the skyhawks.

So cute!

We left after halftime. We really went just to support all the youth in the ward. We have several football players, cheerleaders, dance team members, band players etc. There were also several kids from our ward on the homecoming court. So, they wanted to be goofy and pose after the game.

Amanda stayed to watch Mulan with Tanner and Cynjyn. They had played "We'll Make a Man Out of You" at school that day, so they were both itchin to watch it.

It was fun night, and I'm glad they got so into their high school spirit!!

It makes good, fun memories, plus, it makes going to a football game a little more exciting!

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Krissy T. said...

Very cute, creative, and fun!

gwen said...

Tanner has found a soul mate with a girl who is as crazy as he is!! I'm glad they have fun and get into the spirit of things. High School is what you make of it! Their outfits and faces were awesome!