Friday, October 29, 2010

This is our halloween

I need to wrap up spirit week and this is the picture Taz got of him and his gang. They are in numerical order! He said it was fun having 5 other people to be twins with. That night at mutual, we assmbled and decorated gingerbread house. It was fun.

The next day was Steve Urkel day and Taz channeled his inner nerd.

Lawson and Alexis did too!

Thursday was Halloween costume day. This is the only Halloween my kids are getting. Today there was no school because of Nevada Day, so Thursday was it. We leave for Zion tomorrow after Taz's football game, and we will be there on Halloween. So this was it. Tanner is a twisted clown from the Dominic/Robert So You Think You Can Dance clown dance He has Robert's costume and Dominic's face.

Here's the back.

Close up of the face.

Taz completed his Mad Hatter hat with the rest of the costume. He got LOTS of compliments at school. There little group had decided to all be Alice characters, but only 4 of them ended up actually doing it.

Isn't he adorable??

Here he is with the white rabbit and the white queen. They are in our carpool.

Cynjyn's was super easy this year and she looked peaced out!
Love the $5.00 Wal-Mart glasses.

This is how Taz's costume faired by the end of the day. His eyelashes had fallen down a little and he had a little pink soul patch from playing his saxophone during band, but he wanted a picture. He had a dentist appointment right after school to get his teeth cleaned and he went in costume. He was the hit of the office. They all loved it. We stopped by the bank to show Talon on our way home and his boss was blown away by Taz.
He wanted a picture of his hat hair too. Both he and Tanner got hair cuts today, we'd let them grow it out for Halloween and it worked, but had to go.

Shae was Alice and Taz got a picture with her at school. They look really good together.
Taz, Cynj and I went to the Bellagio today since there was no school. It was gorgeous as usual.

All fall themed.

Lot's of purple and oranges and leafless things. I loved it.

They had about 7 of these giant pumpkins and this one weighed 1100 pounds. Taz thought they were fake at the beginning. Then he became obsessed with them.

Luckily, this Venus Fly Trap was fake.

We stopped by they chocolate place on the way home and got some chocolate covered strawberries. It was a fun outing.

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Carol said...

Great costumes! If I knew what time you'd be taking the turn-off to head to Zion, I'd have all of us (Lindsay and family, Tracey, too) stand outside and wave when you drove by. Have fun!

kc and k said...

Your Halloween posts are my favorite posts from you. Everyone looks AMAZING!!! Did anyone recognize the sytycd costume? Garry should be on Project Runway-Halloween (if they ever have such a thing)

gwen said...

As usual, the costumes were out of this world!! I'm sure the kids are always a hit on Halloween! I agree with Ky about Garry. He's a costume king! The outing to the Ball. sounded like a lot of fun! Enjoy Zion.

Debbie said...

I have always dreamed of a Halloween where the kids could actually wear their costumes and go about the neighborhood trick-or-treating in warmth and delight just like you see in the movies. But alas...our children did wear their costumes, usually under heavy coats and umbrellas and occasionally with snowboots. That was the reality of our Halloweens in Northeast Oregon.