Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What fun!

We had a fun filled weekend. It started with Friday. My brother Robert and his wife Jodi were in town and they took me, Tanner and Cynjyn to lunch. It was a fun visit. Taz was at a friends birthday party so he didn't go. There was no school that day because of Staff develpment day. That night, Tanner, Garry, Cynjyn and I went to the High School football game. Cynjyn had been attending a Silverado Cheer camp that week and they got to cheer with the cheerleaders at the game. It was a fundraiser for Breast Cancer. Cynjyn sure had fun and did a good job. Her mentor cheerleader was Tanner's good friend Arianna. Here they are before the game. There are some videos at the end of this post of her cheering. Football games are much more bearable when you can watch the cheerleaders!!
Our camera doesn't take too good of pictures far away when it's dark, so this is as good as it gets.

Tanner and I took a picture. It was wear pink for Breast Cancer, or lime green for a girl in Tanner's class who has cancer.

This is Cynjyn after we got home, still cheering away!!

Saturday, we had Tanner's 16th bday party. He wanted a swim/bbq/game party. He invited 15 people. 12 came. He and Preston were the only boys that showed up. All the other's had prior commitments. Only 4 girls chose not to swim, but I think they still enjoyed visiting and eating.

Here's the group shot we got.

We bbq'd Carne Asade and had chips and salsa and bean dip, a veggie tray, fruit and brownie bites, rice krispy treats and cake pops for dessert. Tanner opened his cards and got some money, some ITunes gift cards, and a tie.

After that, they played Mafia.

Only a few stayed to watch a movie. Then, Tanner and Amanda went to the stake dance and they got home around midnight. It was a fun day.

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Krissy T. said...

G-O Cynjyn! The videos are great, she definitely has a future cheering!
For Tanner's party, I thought they were going to a movie? I was interested in hearing how they liked Secretariat! Oh well, it looks like an enjoyable party!

gwen said...

Cute and really good, Cynjyn! It was nice that you seemed to be enjoying yourself, too! Nice party, Tanner, and cool green glasses!!(you no doubt had matching green Converses! I had to tie Kres's shoe one day and I said, "let me tie your shoe" and he replied, "They aren't SHOES, Grandma, they're CONVERSES, remember? We all got CONVERSES!" He loves his Converses because it reminds him of all of his cool cousins!

Rob, Jodi, and Trey said...

Where is the picture of the new suit?

Ron said...

You guys always seem to have fun! Grilled carne asada!? Do you have your own recipe or buy what they have at Von's, Smiths, or Albertsons, etc?