Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today was a good day!

Well, it didn't start out so good. Taz and Garry were on a campout at Valley of Fire, so last night Tanner, Cynjyn and I watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azcaban. Of course, in typical Goon fashion Cynjyn kept commenting how this and that wasn't in the book!! Anyway, so C slept with me last night as she does when there's a campout and so we were up this morning before 8. I went right to the Wynn website at 8 am to purchase Garth Brooks tickets because Garry got an email at work about it. I have always wanted to see him. Some of you know this story, but I'll tell it anyway: Taz was two weeks overdue. He was due Aug. 2 and wasn't born until the 15th. Well, Garry and I had tickets to Garth Brooks concert on that day. Needless to say, we didn't make it. BUT, my mom and sister, Krissy had come down to stay with Tanner and Talon during the birth and THEY got a babysitter and took OUR tickets and enjoyed the show. I have been sad about that every since. So when I heard he was coming to LV for THREE YEARS, I said I must GO! Now, I don't have to be the first to see him, I just want to go before he LEAVES. So, this is what I watched for 1 hour and 20 min. this morning. Then, suddenly, the page just stopped working. I was soooo MAD! I know he'll be here for a couple more years, but I am beginning to think I'll have a hard time getting tickets!! BUT...the day did get better.
Cynjyn went to her first Achievement Day girls Day camp. She was old enough to go last year, but, we were on our cruise. This is what she came home with. She really had a good time and was gone from 8:30-1:00.

Tanner didn't go to the campout because today was volleyball tryouts. Tanner tried out for JV and HE MADE it. He is very excited. The coach told him that the varsity coach wants him playing all around because he's good on the front row and he's a good passer. So he told her to have him play all around. The season begins March 11 and we are all so excited!! Good job Tanner!

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Friday, February 26, 2010

I looked out my window and what did I see?

Actually, I drove by Von's on my way home from taking Cynjyn to school this morning, because I noticed the blossoms are starting!! I thought those of you still engrossed in the winter blah's might enjoy this!!
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good news, bad news!

I got my new washer and dryer delivered Monday night. That is the good news. The bad news is that I've done 6 loads of laundry since Monday night. The good news is that it's actually fun now with the new set. The bad news is I'm sure that funess will wear off soon.
More good news: Tonight I will read the last chapter of Harry Potter 3 to Cynjyn. The bad news: I have to wait for more HP fix because C has decided to read some different books for awhile. The good news: now that she's finished the book, we can watch the movie this weekend!!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentines, cruises, and birthdays, oh my!!

I got everyone a small treat for Valentines day and a note. This is what they woke up to.
Monday morning, we headed out of town to Long Beach for our four day cruise. We were all excited to go again. We got into LB around 1:30 and after going through check-in and everything, here we are finally getting ready to board the boat at 3:00!!
The first thing we did was eat because we hadn't had anything since we left LV at 9 am.

Taz and Cynjyn, but mostly Taz were so happy to be enjoying the unlimited ice cream machine.

We set sail at sunset and watched the ship leave the dock, it was kind of cold, but cool to watch the ship leave.

Our first stop was Catalina Island. Last year the weather was so bad that we didn't go off the ship. But this year it was about 80 degrees, sunny and gorgeous weather. We rented a 6 man golf cart and took a self guided tour around the island. It takes about an hour and boy did we enjoy it. We even stopped at one point and let Tanner drive the cart even though you were supposed to be 25 and liscened to drive. We're such rebels!! Tanner loved it.

The drive goes up the hill to the top of Catalina and so we stopped and took pictures of the pretty view. You can see our ship in the background. It anchors there and then we take tenders into the island.

After the tour we let Taz and Cynjyn play on their little beach in the ocean for about an hour, while we relaxed in the sun.

This was elegant night at our formal dining. We all got dressed up. The family sharing out table with us was from Sacramento and they had three boys, an 11 yr. old, a 6 yr. old and an 18 month old. We had a lot of fun getting to know them and had fun conversation every night at dinner. Taz and Cynjyn even hung out with their oldest at other times on the cruise.

Our second stop was Ensenada. We had done an excursion there last year, so this year we decided to just stay on the ship this time. That was a good choice because there weren't many people aboard and we had the run of the ship. We played a lot of Shuffle Board and mini golf and let the kids swim and Tanner, Garry and I went to the game room and played a lot of Gin Rummy and Nertz and even some Hand and Foot.

Taz took a picture of the sunset that night.

One of the nightly shows was a comedian show. This guy, Kyle Wayne is actually based here in Vegas. He is a vetriloquist and he was kind of funny. They stayed after for pictures, so Taz and Cynjyn took the opportunity for that.

This is Jerome and he was hilarious!! Taz laughed so hard he had a little leakage going on!! He was way better than Kyle Wayne. The other nights, the shows were dancing and singing. One night was country and one was rock and roll. During the r and r show, Tanner got pulled up on stage by one of the dancers to dance with her and do the Macarena. He was really getting down and had a fun time. They wouldn't allow photography during the show though, so no picture of that.

They did have a dance lesson one afternoon to learn and 70 disco dance. Taz and Cynjyn did this and they did really good!! The two girls next to Taz are Ashley and then Rainy. They met them and hung out with them most of the cruise. Ashley is actually from Logandale and Rainy is from San Jose.

The last night of the cruise, they hung out all night. We told T and C to b back to our room by 11. They were, but then they sat outside our room talking some more until we finally made them come in because we were tired and we had to get up early to leave the ship the next morning.

We got back into town Friday around 3. The kids immediatly called some friends and Rebecca and Sean and Lawson ended up spending the night. So I woke up Saturday morning, my birthday to this. We had no food in the house, so the only thing I could do was make everyone pancakes for breakfast. The Borlas had to leave at 10 for baseball tryouts, so Taz went to Jaden's and the girls stayed here with Tanner. I made Garry take me to a movie for my birthday. We went to Shutter Island and we both really liked it. After that we went to Wal-Mart and Sams to do some shopping. While at Sam's Garry took me to the jewlry counter and we finally ordered me a new wedding ring. He had promised me a new one 5 years ago for our 20 anniversary, but we never got around to it. So finally, since it's our 25 anniversery this year, the timing was right and the funds were there. Of course, they don't have one in stock to fit my finger so I had to special order it and it will take about 6-8 weeks to get here, so I have no pictures, but I really like it and I'm excited.

The kids got me vinyl for my Cricut and some Cricut sheets. I was happy about that. We went to Olive Garden for dinner and we got home about 7:30. Garry went to get the load of laundry out of the dryer and put the load that was in the washer in there, and the dryer was broke. The drum wouldn't turn. Now, mind you, we had both not gotten each other Christmas presents because we were going to get a new washer and dryer for Christmas. We'd been procrastinating and looking around for deals, but now it was time. So we ran to RC Wiley and got a new washer and dryer that night. They are closed on Sunday, so it will be delivered tonight. So it sort of fells like I got a washer and dryer too for my bday!!

I have such good, thoughtful friends. I got lots of birthday wishes on Facebook and after church, Toni brought me this yummy homemade ice cream: Coconut, cherry, chocolate chunk. She had made it one time when she hosted book club, and it is so good. We all just grabbed a spoon and dug in after she brought it and boy was it good. That is why there are a bunch of spoon craters in it. After church our good friends the Witt's called and Debbie had made me a little treat for my birthday and wanted us to come over and play some games and "celebrate". So, we went over there from 5-7 and had these yummy cupcakes and played games. She sent us home with the leftovers!! Then that night, a lady whom I visit teach brought me a matching necklace and earrings. So even a day after my bday, I was still celebrating!!

After we got back from the Witt's, Garry decided that he wanted to paint the laundry room before they brought the new ones. He had already cleaned it out really good and we had leftover paint from the dining room, so he and Cynjyn painted it together and they were done in an hour!! We can't wait for the delivery!!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Every year my mom sends us all a homemade Valentine Card and each of us a $2.00 bill for Valentine's Day and Halloween. We love getting them in the mail and look forward to her tradition.
Toni, Joanne and I got together spur of the moment one day and whipped these little candy cones together for teacher appreciation gifts for our primary teachers.

They are cute and easy and they hang on a door. We'll give them to them on Sunday.

Toni gave me this idea she was doing with her kids. So Thursday night I whipped up some lips to attach to some Tootsie Pops and Tanner and Taz took them to school to hand out to friends. Cynjyn already had Fun Dips to take into her class.

Garry and I went to our Stake's annual Sweetheart Ball tonight. They had a huge turnout and ran out of food. It was a fun night even though we only stayed for two hours.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Super Bowl Sunday

Well, I have to first start out by saying: Aren't teenagers fun. Tanner was at the church Saturday playing volleyball, Taz, Cynjyn, Garry and I were at the mall buying Taz a suit for the cruise next week. (We'd gotten Tanner and Garry new ones last year.) Tanner text's me and says he needs to some poster board and some Christmas stuff to do a poster by Monday. Finally we hooked up around 4 and found out he had to do a poster on his English research paper which was on Old England Christmas Traditions. He had talked about Holly and hollyberries and yule logs and bells and Lords of Misrule and carols and plum pudding. Well, I thought we could get a lot of that stuff from a cricut cartridge. I didn't have any Christmas ones, so I called Carol and she came to our rescue as I knew she would, and loaned us three. We spent Saturday evening cutting everything out on the cricut. Then he and I glued and puff painted during the super bowl. This is how it turned out. The boarder and the top three things were done by cricut, the bottom three, we just printed off the computer.

Our whole family had fasted Saturday night for a girl in our ward who needs help with hives. So by the time we got home from church, we were all pretty hungry. I even had a lil smokie in my hand ready to eat as soon as we did a family prayer to end our fast for Sarah. So, we ate just as the National anthem was starting. Here's Talon and Tiffany eating amongst the spread.

Taz and Cynjyn were staked out right in front of the TV.

Garry put up a little table for us three.

After eating we settled into watch our game. Taz had his "Saints" blanket. He Talon and Tanner were rooting for the Saints and the rest of us were Colt's fans because of Austin Cowley (or however you spell it).

Tiffany Facebooked and napped. Tanner pretended like he cared until Garry gave him the laptop. Talon and Garry and Taz paid the most attention and lasted through it all.

Garry played farmville and I napped on his shoulder and then helped Tanner and then read.

Cynjyn cheered for about 10 min. and then went into the kitchen and resorted to Nickelodeon. Since none of us really had "our team" in the game, we were actually all happy for New Orleans! It was a good day.

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PS: Updates on resolutions and piles: I've begun tackling the pile in our closet, almost ready for pictures. And I finished the January Ensign on February 1st!! Yay for me:)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's been a painful week

The week started out o.k. Cynjyn started her science fair project. She is putting carnations in different solutions to see which solution the carnation will last the longest in. Everyone was excited because we decided that IBC root beer bottles would make the perfect containers, so all last week, everyone was drinking the root beer.
I ended up in the urgent care on Tuesday morning because my wrist was killing me. I have an inflamation of the tendons. Probably from being on the computer too much. Too much time on FarmVille. So I have to wear this for 10 days.

Monday found Tanner's eczema all broken out and that thing Kres has, you know, those little wart like bumps were all red. So, we got him an appointment at 10:15 and didn't get seen and out until 12:30. It was infected, so he's on an oral antibiotic and a topical one.

Monday also found Talon with what he thought was a pimple on the bottom of his foot. (Can one have a pimple on the bottom, I don't know?) So, he had me pop it with a pin. A bunch of puss came out. The next day it was purple and pussy again and he couldn't walk on it. So, he went to Urgent Care that night and he has cellulitis. He too is on antibiotics for it. He wore one dress shoe and one slip on sandal to work today. Click on the picture to blow it up and see the small insert by his bare foot of the actual cellulitis!!

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