Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Spring Break 2016

WARNING:  Long post!
We decided to head out of town the last half of Spring Break. We got up early Wednesday morning and headed to San Francisco. I had been wanting to go for a long time.

Our first stop was in San Jose to visit the Winchester House.  It was fascinating and my favorite part of the trip.  Sadly, no photos were allowed in side the house tour, but we could take photos of the grounds tour.  This was a carriage wash area. 
This is the front door to the mansion
The door that leads to nowhere.
The windows in the carriage house were made of rifle triggers.

The grounds were beautiful and we enjoyed ourselves out there waiting for the Grand Estate tour to start.
A fun fact we learned was that all of the columns were placed upside down except one.  It is on the second floor far left. 
Even the tree in the parking lot had character.

 I loved the topiaries.
 And I LOVED this purple hanging plant. 
 Our next stop was the wax museum.  We bought a package deal with that and Ripley's Believe it or Not museum.
  I won't show you every picture we took, but just a few of my favorites:

One day we went down to the Pier and fiddled around while we were waiting for our boat to Alcatraz. 

 Talon and Mikel had told us about a discovery museum, so we went there for a few hours.  You could write any question you could think of and post it to their Instagram account and it would show up.  Cynjyn thought of this ponderous question...

 They had a booth where you could take your photo and it would show the symmetry of your face.  It put your two right and left sides together.  We thought we looked pretty funny!

Then it was on to Alcatraz.  We enjoyed the boat ride out there and snapped a few photos upon arrival to the dock.
 At least Taz shared my enthusiasm! This was his favorite.
 It was a self guided audio tour. 

  Cynjyn enjoyed being ahead of us and on her own, but I managed to get a few shots of her on the tour in spite of that.

 The weather was beautiful, but windy.  It was the last tour of the day, so the light was good too.

  An obligatory selfie on the ride the wind...
The town itself was fascinating.  I loved the buildings and structures.  We took a ride through the city to the tea gardens and I couldn't stop looking at all the houses and people living in the midst of the city.  I didn't take any photos of that and I'm kicking myself, but I did snap a few of other places.

 The view from Alcatraz
 We went over and back on the Golden Gate Bridge just to say we crossed it.
 Downtown by the piers.

I really adored the Japanese Tea Garden. I brought my DSRL camera and took so many photos of the beautifulness. 

 We came across this very interesting bridge.
 Steep going up and down
 This is me taking a picture of Taz below it.

 The other people in my family did not share my love of wanting photos and when I got my phone back I found out exactly what Taz thought of my extended photo shoot.

Seriously, how could you not be enamored with this beauty?

One evening was spent at Ripley's Believe It or Not! and we also went to the Underground Dungeon. 
 Garry's favorite was this Dungeon.  It told the history of SF.  It was touted as spooky, but it wasn't too bad.  Before the tour started we used the bathroom and it was eerily funny.
 They had six different rooms and they would choose people from the audience to help out.  Garry got chosen in one of the rooms. 
 He got butchered by the Doctor.
  This Captain America was made out of bottle caps.

 Lincoln made from Lincoln pennies.
 It had a mirror maze that we loved.  We went through it about three times and it was super fun. 

Our final stop was Chinatown.  This was Cynjyn's favorite. 
 Cynjyn found these Pusheen's and loved them because Norma hated them. 
 The elders were hanging around the park sitting on boxes and playing games on boxes.  It was quite interesting. 
 We watched a couple of ladies singing...
that was interesting...
On the way home, Taz had his first Big Mac EVER! He thought it was ok.

 Cynjyn bought these cool knives at Chinatown for Trevor. 
We had a quick three days in SF and we were all tired when we got back, but I really enjoyed it all!

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