Sunday, April 12, 2009

The day before Easter

So, it's the day before Easter and what do you do?? Make three batches of raspberry freezer jam.

Prepare the dye for coloring,

stir, stir, stir.

Color said eggs. At last they are a growing up too quickly, these were the only two interested in still coloring eggs!

Make our favorite dinner! CHICKEN ROLLS!! Taz and Cynjyn are such good little helpers when it comes to making this labor intensive dinner.

I think it's because they love licking their fingers when it's all said and done.

Digging out the roller blades after several years of storage (Talon used them last!)

Cynjyn had to keep up with Taz.

Do never ending yard work! That's what we did, what did you do??


Carol said...

I blogged about my Easter, but yours looks like more fun. What's in those chicken rolls?

gwen said...

You had a good weekend! Just as soon as you think you will never have to color another Easter Egg, the grandkids come along ! Taz and Cynjyn are perfect candidates for those roller blades ! Fax me some chicken rolls! I think you know what I did on E weekend. The Terry family (all of them) left about 12:30, AND dad had to talk and I had to play for Sac Mt at 1:00. We barely made it. The talk was very impactful and wonderful!