Monday, April 27, 2009

What a week

Tanner had a group project due today. So last Thursday, the two girls in his group came over to help him work on it. They had to prepare an African landscape. They were here two hours and all they managed to accomplish was coloring the lions mane and the two pelicans while Tanner painted the board and sculpted a few things. Oh yea, they also managed to have a paint and Sharpie fight! Tanner wasn't too happy.
So Sunday after church, he got help from the people who really care about him, Dad and Taz!

Coming right along!

The finished project, now if only he can make it to school safely!

Garry left two Wednesday morning. He had to go to California for work. He got back Friday night which just happened to be his birthday. I had been sick since he left with a bad head cold and a terrible cough. I even had to cancel piano on Wednesday! Tanner was at a friends birthday party when he got home and I was picking Taz and Cynjyn up from ragball practice. So he had already saw the candy poster that we'd made him. (If you click on it, it will blow it up and you can read the message!). Taz was off to a friends for a sleepover and Cynjyn had someone over for a sleepover, so we didn't do anything Friday.

Saturday, was our choice for a party day. We went to our favorite, Olive Garden for dinner with two gift cards we got from my sister for helping at her reception!! (YUM and a big thanks to Krissy and Brian!)

Taz said "Dad, don't you think you want to go to a movie for your birthday?" Garry replied, "Sure, what though?" Needless to say Taz had his perfect suggestion: 17 Again. So we all went and we all liked it!! It ended up being a good birthday after all.


Lindsay said...

The picture of Tanner with the two girls made me laugh! I can just tell he was having a great time. I never liked group projects either, unless I was grouped with people that were as ambitious and felt the need for things to be perfect like I did! I know my family and I ended up doing most of the work just like you guys did.

Carol said...

I love the LOOK, too! I hated it when my kids had group projects, because it was always so hard to get everyone together. Lindsay drove us all crazy with her perfectionism, so she usually didn't get a lot of help from her family. :o)

Ron said...

I think I had one group project once as a kid, it didn't work out well. I wasn't crazy about our own kids doing them; have to agree with Lindsay and Carol. Lindsay was a perfectionist-her co-project folks weren't. Ha. Nice b-day poster. Hope you didn't have the swine flu :)

gwen said...

Great poster!! Yah, none of us "nerd types" liked group projects because we knew we would do all the work and the "groupies" would get the credit! Tanner looks much happier with the final project! As a teacher, we went through a phase when everyone was supposed to do "groups of four". So, even in math, we had to do everything in "groups of four", which meant the smart one in the group was basically the Leader and toutered everyone else! Glad those days passed quickly!

Krissy T. said...

Your welcome. Happy belated birthday Garry! With all the hoopla going on around here, I forgot to tell him that! I'm glad you liked the movie. I want to see it too.