Monday, April 13, 2009

Festivities continue

After church, we came home and had a turkey breast I'd cooked for dinner with some real mashed potatoes and stuffing. After dinner Talon of all people asked if we were doing an egg hunt. It's nice to know the traditions are still enjoyed when you're 19!! So we lined everyone up after Garry and i had hid the eggs in the back yard and here they are set to go!!

Each child could find six eggs. It's always a mad dash for Taz to get his six before everyone else.

We hid eggs three times, first Garry and I hide them, then Tanner and Talon hid them, then Taz and Cynjyn hide them. The only stipulation is you have to remember where so we don't have rotten egg smell weeks after Easter.

Not a single egg went missing this year.

Taz almost forgot, but remembered at the last moment where he'd hid the one missing egg!

Later in the evening we did FHE. We do it on Sunday's. We had our traditional Easter lesson with the dozen eggs each depicting something from the Savior's last days on this earth. We had a very good discussion this year as the kids are getting older and can understand more indepth. Cynjyn started crying about egg 6 because as she said "this story always makes me sad". That is when Garry brings out his big railroad spike and explains that this was the size of the nails driven into our Saviors hands and feet. It is a powerful and sombering site. We always feel better ending on the joyous fact that He was resurrected and we can all live together as a family again because of his Atonement and this wonderful blessing.
Cynjyn had activity and chose to do Charades. Her and Taz were team captains and picked teams. C chose Garry, T chose me, C chose Tanner and T chose Talon. Talon was put out because he was the last one picked. He said he's never been chosen last before!! We always do three rounds. First a movie, then a book, then a scripture story. We have a rule that you can't guess the scene until the "acting" is done. So Cynjyn's team goes first and they act out a scene from Twilight, good but, that was the movie we chose, not only that, but the same scene!! Too funny, we all got a good laugh at that. Next came the book. This time we go first and act out a scene from Hatchet. Garry, Tanner and Cynjyn are laughing hysterically, they get up to go and do the SAME SCENE from the SAME BOOK!! Too funny. Well, no, we did not match up on our scripture stories, but C's team went first and Talon, Taz and I were going to pretend that no matter what they acted out, we were trying to make them think we'd done the same one! (They did Nephi tied up on the boat, we did Joseph Smith getting his leg opereated on as a child!) It was a fun night and we ended the day with treats of deviled eggs and milkshakes.


Carol said...

Sounds like a fun time!

gwen said...

The story of Christ's death and resurrection does make a person cry if they really stop to think about it. Most of the people in the choir were crying after dad finished his talk on the pain Christ suffered! That's a hoot that the kids (especially the big one) wanted to hunt the eggs! Your game sounded like the end of a perfect FHE!

Krissy T. said...

That's ok Talon. I actually missed not doing an easter egg hunt and I am 30 years old.

Ron said...

I'm with Cynjyn, I wanted to cry thinking about the size of that spike, too. As for the egg hiding... next year throw them in the pool! I think it's great how are kids never seem to be too old to enjoy established traditions.
Maybe I should call my mom and have her hide them for me next year.