Monday, April 20, 2009

Norwegian Nosedive and more!

Tanner and I like to watch Ellen in the afternoon before I have to go pick up the kids. She is always doing crazy games. Well, she has started doing one lately called Norwegian Nosedive. It is hillarious to watch and so we thought it would make a fun FHE game. Taz had two friends over Friday (Shae and Josh), so after dinner I suggested we try Norwegian Nosedive. This is how you play: You pair up into teams of two. There is a caller (Me) who will call out certain body parts and as soon as I'm done saying them, the teams have to put those and only those body parts mentioned on the floor as a team. The team that does it the fastest and the most creatively wins a random number of points given them by the caller. We all had a blast playing this game, it gave us good laughs. Here are the snapshots taken by the caller (Me).
Shae and Taz trying to put three knees, one nose, no hands, no feet on the ground,

Taz and Shae putting one elbow, two hands, two knees on floor.

Tanner and Josh putting one bottom, one foot, one hand on floor.

Garry and Cynjyn trying to put one forehead, one bottom, one foot on floor.

Taz and Shae putting one nose, two hands and two feet on floor.

Taz and Tanner putting one back, two hands on floor.

Sunday was a crazy day. During church, our friends the Witts asked if they could come swimming after church because they were babysitting their two nieces from Maine and one of the to do things on their list was swimming. Garry is their hometeacher, so he figured that he could kill two birds with one stone...So they came over 2-5. Talon informed me after church that it was Richie's birthday and he was coming over later, so I quickly whipped up a cake after church, put it in the fridge to cool and frosted it around three. Richie came at 5 right after the Witt's left. Garry made some smoothies and we had Richie blow out his candles (they are in the shape of a 21, I know you could tell that!). He seemed pleased and I reminded him that just because he's know!! After that, Tanner, Garry and I went back to the church for a Court of Honor and a parents meeting for this summer's scout camp. So, our day of rest wasn't too restful, but we had a good day.

Talon with the birthday boy (who calls me mom and likes to confuse me when he calls me on my cell phone and say's Hi mom, this is the other son!!)

After much hype from Tanner, Garry and me, and after watching the movie twice, Taz has decided to read Twilight! This is how we say him all Saturday night and most of Sunday. He even stopped swimming early to get back to his reading! Go Taz!
And that's our weekend in a nutshell.


kc and k said...

That game looks so fun. I'd definitely have to be the caller.

(I see a new rug that looks good)

Your days of "rest" are my busiest days. You guys are always doing so much.

Carol said...

I think I was slighted as a kid--I'm Norwegian and my gr-grandma and grandmother NEVER taught me this game! Now I'm too old to put my elbow and my face on the floor. Dang! Looks like you had a fun weekend and cake, too. Yum!

gwen said...

Fun weekend! Love those poses--I couldn't do any of them and would have to be the caller! Glad Talon has a good friend that feels comfortable around your family. Tell Taz that Ella told me she got hooked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer at your house and she is now reading Twilight, too.

Ron said...

You guys really know how to have fun. I'm part Norwegian and don't know this either. Me thinks Ellen made it up. :)

Krissy T. said...

That game looks dangerous! I would be the caller too.