Monday, August 3, 2009

Boise, haircuts, temple sealings and garage sales

We went to Boise again Wednesday-Saturday. Mom had some family names she needed sealings done for and she really wanted some of her family to be able to experience them with her. So we drove to Boise. Thursday, Mom, Krissy, Ky and I did an endowment session. Us three girls each took a family name through. After the session, Brian and Dad met us there for the sealings. We did 7 marriages and then sealed 31 daughters and 33 sons to their parents. Mom's sister Jackie died last year and when Krissy got married in March, I took Jackie's name through the session to get her endowments done. Well, during the sealings, I was proxy for the daughters and I did half of them, and Ky did the other half, Jackie was one of the daughters I had! That was special and neat. Friday Ky watched Taz and Cynjyn (THANKS!!) while mom, Krissy and I went to Ontario. Krissy sold her house on Monday, and was moving out. She wanted to do a garage sale and wanted our help. We spent all day Friday organizing and pricing things. We went back to Boise and got up early the next morning and left by 6 am to go back to Ontario. We started the garage sale at 8 and ended at 1. She did pretty good, making around $250.00!! Brian brought Cynjyn over later in the afternoon, and Taz came with Grandpa. We were supposed to leave Ontario around one in order to make it back to La Grande in time to go to the fair. Taz and Cynj really wanted to do the carnival rides. But they decided to go back to Brian and Krissy's house and spend the night with Ella and then come back to LG the next day with Randy and Trampis. So, mom, dad and I headed to LG and the kids headed to Boise with Krissy. The driveway full of stuff to sell.
Krissy was so excited it was going well.

Us ladies charming the crowds and coaxing them to buy, buy, buy!

Ella got her hair cut a few weeks ago. Ever since them, Cynjyn has been begging to get hers cut. I finally relented and Ky made us an appointment while we were in Boise. I was sad for her because she'd worked so hard this past year growing it out. But it did look very stringy and she hated taking care of it, so I figured she must really want it cut since she'd been asking for two weeks. So, here's the befores

And here's the afters. We all really like it, including her and she comes it all the time and loves blowing it dry after showers and such.

I guess it was a good thing!!

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Krissy T. said...

I love the hairdo! It looks really good in person. Thanks again for the garage sale help!

Carol said...

Cynjyn looks so cute! How fun to spend time with your family during the garage sale.

gwen said...

I love the hair do and had fun supervising the yard sale : )

Ron said...

Busy busy busy, at least you relaxed at the garage sale.