Monday, August 3, 2009

A "quiet" day

One of our quiet days last week was spent helping Grandpa check on his cows at the 480 pasture. Taz, Cynj and I went with him. C and I rode one 4 wheeler and Taz and G rode the other. All the fences looked good and we found the cows as soon as we got into the trees. There was water in the pond and all looked good.

Grandpa always loves to stop by the "straightest" tree on the land!! Cynjyn thought it was quite interesting.
You can't see it as good in this picture with me and Taz.Grandpa did just a few minor fence repairs such as pulling it up and securing a post or two. This picture shows what a good helper Taz was:)

When we got back up to the lane, 8 of Billy's horses had made their way over to the truck and 4 wheeler trailer. They were so friendly, they just stayed by us, curious at everything around us. Taz and Cynjyn were really wishing they had some sort of treat to share with them, but alas, we had nothing.

They took quite an interst in our 4 wheeler, licking it and sniffing it. We hated to leave them, they were so beautiful!

Mom and I try to walk in the cemetary everyday. The kids like to go with us sometimes because there are two lonley horses that pasture right up by there. Grandma usually buys a bag of carrots and lets the kids feed them. This summer though, we've had a lot of watermelon, so she's been saving the rinds and they love eating them as a special treat. The kids have even named them. Here's Taz feeding Chocolate (or sometimes they call him Brownie).

And here's Cynjyn feeding Snowflake.

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Krissy T. said...

Taz looks like I do when I help Grandpa fence! I usually fall asleep waiting...

gwen said...

I always willingly let Kim go check the cows instead of me because the pasture is really rocky. It was a special treat for the friendly horses to come over, since all of the kids love horses!