Monday, August 24, 2009

My thoughts on today

Today is the first day of school. It is a day of firsts for all three of my children that are still in school. They all had father's blessings last night and each blessing was very appropriate for each child. That always amazes me. For some reason, it was a very emotional morning for me. O was looking forward to the free time I'll have, but it also meant that the kids are grwoing up very quickly and they have so much change ahead for them. Tanner started 9th grade. High School. I was very nervous for him as I drove him to school this morning. I kept asking him if he was nervous (no), and if he'd made arrangements to meet any friends (no), if he had a plan for lunch (no). As he answered each question, I became more nervous for him. But he left with a smile on his face and assured me he'd be o.k. Tanner really does amaze me. He is very quiet and layed back and spends most of his time at home. But he has always been brave about doing new things alone. He went to BYU Volleyball camp last summer all by himself with no friends. He met people, had a great time and stayed in contact with those people throughout the year. This year, he went with his best friend Hunter and came back saying he had way more fun last year because Hunter didn't want to do anything. So in a way he isn't afraid to go and do things by himself. He doesn't need that "group" surrounding him to give him confidence. I love this about him. But, I still don't picture him old enough for High School! Just driving him there this morning and seeing some of the kids that he will have to deal with daily gives me the creeps. It is so evil out there and High School just seems like the breeding ground for that. I only hope that he will be strong enough to live the teachings he's been taught his whole life and stay steadfast and immovable. He truly is remarkable and I love him!

Taz started Middle School. He was very nervous even though he's been to the school many times and we went to open house and he's already tried his locker and he know where all his classes are. He was still nervous. He was excited to see all his friends. He has a really good group of friends and I just hope that they all click and stay close to each other and open up their hearts to accecpt and support one another. Taz is so sweet and also quite emotional. I just hope that his church friends and school friends mesh and he has a good year. He seems way to little to me to be amongst such a diverse age group. Stay strong Taz, I love you!

I get to drive the morning car pool and everyone was cheery and excited today. Don't they all look so nice!!

Now, Cynjyn. She has been excited for a long time to go back to school. She loves it. She told me she was being more mature this year and so she picked out a plain backpack, she wanted nothing to do with any "Showbiz" people!! She did go for an adorable lunch box with a little monkey on it! She is going to a new school. Her old school was K-2 and right across the parking lot is the school that does 3-5. So she had a first too. She knew her teacher because Taz had the same one in 3rd grade. When we went to meet your teacher day, Mrs. Calleja came right up to her and gave her a big hug and told her she'd been waiting for her and was so excited when she saw her name on her list!! So this morning, she was ready to go...until we got to the drop off place. Her plan was for me to drop her off and go play, when we got there she asked if I'd walk her to her lineup number. It took us awhile, but we finally found it. She saw several of her friends, no of which are in her class, but reunited with them with big hugs. Then we were just standing there waiting and she leaned into me and told me she was nervous. That's when I got a little teary and told her to say a quick prayer and all would be well. After that, we did the pledge and she told me I could leave. She'll have a great year and she's a great girl. I love you precious!

When we picked up MaKenna, her and Emma had flowers in their hair. When we got home I remembered that I had bought stuff to make some with at the beginning of summer. We found that we had a pink one that matched the pink stripes in her shorts, so we quickly whipped one up, but it in and she was tickled at the results. Here she is on her way to school! I know they'll come home full of excitement and tales of their first day. All I have to say is, it's awfully quite around the house without my little friends!
Before I came home to a quiet house though, I took a little time to enjoy the stage in life when all your kids are in school all day. I invited three friends to meet me at IHOP for some breakfast. Her is Joann and I. We are the ones with kids in all day.And Linda and Toni have their youngest two starting kindergarten today, so they're still not as ready to celebrate as we are. Now, we had already eaten and Linda got an eyelash or something in her eye and she'd been to the bathroom to try to wash it out and had washed off all her makeup on one eye and so she was trying to pose with the good eye showing!! She looks a little cheeky, but she did good. It was a fun morning.

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Carol said...

This brings back such sweet memories of sending my kids to their first day(s) at school(s). I love the fun company you spent your morning with, even that one-eyed lady, Linda!

gwen said...

It is sad to see the kids grow up! Tanner is strong, and the very fact that he doesn't mind not being part of a crowd will help him not get into the wrong crowd. The ones who need constant reinforcement from friends are prime targets for that group! Taz knows who he is, and it would be h ard for anyone to convince hime otherwise! He'll do great once he gets into the routine. Cynjyn is probably lonlier than last year knowing that Tz isn't right across the street. But, she's a sweetie and will have lots of friends. To top it off, they are all great students, so the teachers will also love them. They'll all have a good year!!

kc and k said...

What a big day for your family! They all look so good. It's hard to believe that they are all so grown up. I'm excited for the 1st day of school reports. What a fun idea for you and your friends to "celebrate" an empty house. Good luck to all this coming school year!!!

Krissy T. said...

They will all do great--they have firm heads on their shoulders! Can't wait to hear their reports after the first day!

Heather said...

This makes me homesick for my LV buddies! Yesterday was our first day back too, and I spent the day alone running errands--I would have rather been out with you guys!!! It was Danika's first day at high school too (they go 10th-12th here). Sniff.