Saturday, August 1, 2009

What is there to see at Wallowa?

Well, first off, there is the gondola to ride. I love going up the gondola, you get a gorgeous view from the top of the mountain of the lake below. I got sick on the walk up to where you catch the gondola, (but that's a whole other story), so I didn't go. I sent Taz with the camera!
Kres, Ky, Cynj, Krissy and Ella waiting to go up, up, up. 8150 elevation on the top.

Krissy is deathly afraid of heights, she has never gone up in the past, now that she's married to Brian, she did it for love.

Taz and Trey are gripping the post, but they have no fear of the ride!

The view of the other mountains surrounding this one is beautiful.
This is the beloved lake we spent hours on.

Taz took most of these pictures, this is the only one he got of him and the chipmonk. We took two bags of sunflower seeds up to feed the little creatures. It is a highlight of the mountaintop.

Luckily, his aunt was up there to take this picture.

They somehow convinced Kresimir to let them put some seeds on his tummy and the critter came right up and ate! He liked it, he's actually shielding himself from the sun because he has sensitive eyes.

Seriously, who knew Hagrid's chair was at Wallowa??

We went to the horse corral in the evening and got our picture on the bull!

This guy always freaks out the little ones. Kres wasn't so sure he was safe to climb up there, but after the other kids did, he decided to give it a try. The deer roam the lake area freely and are very tame. Back in the day, everyone feed the deer things such as marshmellows and cheetos. Then they came out with a fine if anyone feed the deer, but they are still so unafraid of people. This deer came right up to our cabin window.
So the kids went out on the porch and there she was!

There was a herd of about 6 down by the horses, including a buck and a fawn.

The big bucks always seem to be down roaming the tent campground, so of course, we have to go in search!

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Tony and Heather said...

What fun!! What good memories!

gwen said...

No gondola for me! I'm glad everyone else enjoys it (except Krissy)!